15 crazy buildings Valheim players have built for some reason

Valheim has been a godsend for players looking for a fresh take on crafting, building, and surviving. This 1GB indie game shows yet again that you don’t need a big AAA game to have fun and create some really cool things along the way. We check out some crazy buildings Valheim players have managed to build so far. Don’t worry if your little cabin doesn’t match up to some of these architectural wonders.

Did I need to spend 12 hours on a small portal hub? No. Am I glad I did it? Yes, yes I am. from valheim

If this is a small portal hub, I’m curious what a large portal hub would be like Valheim (and how long it would take to make.) My game’s FPS is shuddering looking at this video too.

I’m having too much fun if I’m being honest from valheim

Lets expand the definition of crazy buildings to something that’s actually crazy. Gimme my 100 wood back.

A shrine to the gods from valheim

90’s babies please stand up.

“Chewie, we’re home.” / I present you the Millennium Longboat. (test build) from valheim

It’s the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs!

Epic Valheim Castle! Inspired by Minas Tirith from Lord of the Rings. Video tour linked in the comments. from valheim

Make it a 1:1 scale you coward. While you’re at it, get a white tree at the top!

My friends: ”yo we need a house” Me: ” ok im gonna need 100 stacks of wood” from valheim

Iron Gate Studio, please give this person a job!

Friends: "build a…. wait what?!" Me: "I present to you… PORTAL TREE!!" from valheim

The worst part about this stunning build is that the rain will destroy it without daily love and care.

My 140 hour (solo) base tour (CohhCarnage)! from valheim

Respect to CohhCarnage for this amazing solo build! What’s not shown is the grind to harvest each and every bit of building material for this place.

The Wizards Tower from valheim

This had to have been build with mods, right…?

"Whatcha thinkin about?" "Just Valheim stuff, I guess." from valheim

This is a no from me dawg.

Edo Castle inspired build from valheim

Did we ever really find out who was the ghost of Tsushima?

Amazing design by SyntheticLove from valheim

I have no idea what this structure is for, but it’s pretty.

We did not expect this to happen with our boat slide. from valheim

This is how people are trying to cope waiting for Skate 4 to drop.

How 100 hours of solo progress look like from valheim

100 hours of progress does not look like this. Do not let this person fool you. This is a god among mortals.

Was it unnecessary? Yes. Was it worth all the fine wood? Yes. Do I regret it? NO! from valheim

It’s lit.

If you have some crazy Valheim buildings you want to share, drop a screenshot in our SQUAD Discord!

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