18 memes that perfectly capture gaming in 2020

In gaming just like in real life, 2020 has been quite a special year. From the rise of Among Us to Cyberpunk 2077’s many controversies, 2020 gave plenty of material for meme creators and enjoyers alike. Here is our selection of gaming memes that best capture gaming in 2020.

In 2020, content creators have more games to try that they could wish for. Fall Guys invaded most Twitch streams. People running everywhere, pushing others over a fence to win a race. 

Soon after, a new game took over the gaming industry by storm: Among Us. This cute little game seems pretty easy at first: find the traitor before he kills everyone. But how could you suspect your best friend? Or, rather the opposite: how could you NOT find your best friend sus?

Needless to say, content creators quickly ditched all their regular games to stream Fall Guys or Among Us.

2020 was also a good year for RPG lovers. Ghost of Tsushima brought back the memories of struggling with a bad armor until you gear up.

This year, we had plenty of consoles to choose from for our holiday shopping. At least, for those how managed to figure out the name of the new Xbox or find a PS5 still in stock. 

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S push the technical limit of video games, allowing developers to create visual pieces of art. Games always made players travel to other universes, even with old-school graphics. 

If graphics are evolving, some video game titles sound oddly familiar. Skyrim and GTA V seem to be immortals, cruising from generation to generation.

Rather than keeping the same game and porting it from console to console, some studios focus on remastered versions of their hit games. Square Enix revealed a new remake for their most popular game, Final Fantasy VII – and Cloud didn’t change a bit in 23 years.

Cloud isn’t the only one who got better with age. It took 14 years, but Keanu Reeves is finally looking breathtaking. 

Should we even get started on Cyberpunk 2077? The game got delayed multiple times, to the despair of fans. 

And when it finally came out, the public gave a lukewarm response to Cyberpunk 2077 – or, as a Twitter trend called it, Cyberbug 2077.

A fishing market in China became the center of attention and soon impacted the rest of the world. It might ring a bell to fans of Plague Inc., but unfortunately, it happened in real life.

2020 was the year of lockdown for most of us. A great opportunity to catch up with all those games we never finished – looking at you, Steam library.

It was so easy to stay at home back in March “just for a few weeks”. We had no idea what 2020 had in stock for us.

We had to change the way we worked, studied, socialized. For most students, it meant discovering the joys of online classes.

But let’s not forget the courage and bravery we all showed this year. When duty called, we all answered. We might not tell our grand-children that we just stayed at home and played games until the pandemic settled, but hey – we saved lives. 

We hope these gaming memes have helped you cope with the final days of 2020 as it winds down to make way for the new year. Let’s hope it’s a better one.

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