3 classic Fallout elements we can expect in the TV show

Bethesda dropped a nuke on the Fallout community when they announced they’d be working with Kilter Films and Amazon Studios to bring us a TV show based on Fallout. The Fallout universe is vast and intricate, so Kilter Films will truly have a lot to work with creatively.

While it is highly unlikely that they would completely adapt of any of the games’ plots for the show, there are a lot of iconic elements from them that the series is bound to include. So what possible factions and characters from the Fallout games might we see in the TV show?

Brotherhood of Steel

Since the opening scene from Black Isle Studio’s original Fallout, the Brotherhood of Steel have been a major faction in the Fallout games. Depending on the setting of the show, we may see either the West or East Coast chapters.

And depending on the in-game period the series takes place in, we may learn more about the Brotherhood Outcasts, who were the center piece of Fallout 3‘s Operation Anchorage DLC. We have seen them in every Fallout game to date.

The Unstoppables

The Unstoppables are a comic book hero group loosely based off of Marvel’s Avengers and DC’s Justice League, comprised of Grognak the Barbarian, The Inspector, Manta Man, the Silver Shroud and the Mistress of Mystery.

While it might not be likely that we will see them in the show, I do hope that they get mentioned, as well as the other comics published by Hubris Comics.

Fallout TV show
The Unstoppables


No post-nuclear wasteland is complete without a daily dose of radiation. Ghouls are Fallout’s take on  post-nuclear-war radioactive zombies, and come in two flavors: feral and regular. Feral ghouls have completely lost their ability to reason, causing them to be aggressive. These ghouls are more along the lines of your typical zombie trope seen in movies and TV shows.

On the other hand, you have regular ghouls, who are still capable of reason. Those include Hancock from Fallout 4, and Raul from Fallout New Vegas. These characters serve as great story tellers and can be used to give a glimpse of what things were like before the events of the show.

And many more

The Fallout universe is so vast that I could easily spend another 10,000 words listing off possible characters, creatures and factions that we may see in the Fallout TV show. But to be realistic, we won’t see or even hear about most of those things. A few items that are iconic to the Fallout franchise, like stimpaks, Nuka Cola and Power Armor will more than likely get some screen time.

With Kilter Films – the minds behind Westworld – taking lead on this project, I have high hopes that we will get a solid TV show worthy of joining the Fallout universe.

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  1. Can’t wait to watch it. I absolutely love the Fallout series 😍

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