3 great mobile games to pass the time with

Some people are more dedicated to mobile games than others. Some mobile gaming may be more competitive while others are free to play but have some paywalls behind it. And then there are those simple small-bite games that are best enjoyed while waiting for your flight, taking a bus to school or work, or sitting on the toilet. We take a look at mobile games that don’t require a lot of time energy or commitment and are great to pass the time.

Peggle Blast

Peggle Blast is one of the best serotonin boosters you can get from any video game. It’s a simple game that requires the player to shoot their ball at each orange peg in order to clear the board and advance to the next level. The sensory overload you get from Extreme Fever is on another level. Extreme Fever triggers when you clear the board of every orange peg, earning some serious bonus points. Epic music plays, lights illuminate the entire game with flashing everywhere, and the camera zooms in on some epic bounces. It’s a simple game that is of-so-satisfying to click away with.

Price: Free.

Joy: 12/10.

peggle blast mobile game

Bloons Tower Defense 6

Tower Defense games are a whole genre dedicated to having “enemies” march a set path, and you as the player setting defenses to stop them from reaching the finish line. Bloons Tower Defense 6 was formerly a flash game in its original iteration, and was later ported to mobile app stores. Bloons TD 6 is an amazing time killer you can pick up and play whenever convenient. If you close the application, it will save your progress, letting you pick up where you last played.

The monkeys are cute, the progression system is rewarding, and there are a variety of maps for players to run through. Bloons TD 6 can be played offline, so it’s also great for long commutes or public toilet trips. The previous game, Bloons TD 5, is still among the better mobile games to pass the time with.

Price: $6.99 (Bloons TD 5 is $2.99).

Fun: Guaranteed to make you play 10 minutes longer because “one more wave”.

Bloons TD 6 mobile games pass time


Reigns isn’t a very conventional game, feeling somewhat like a streamlined visual novel. Players run through the infinite bloodline of a reigning monarchy, attempting to make the right decisions to continue pushing the story and objectives along. It’s a game of trial and error, and won’t penalize players for making the wrong decision. Because you get to play this endless bloodline of Kings, you can right your wrongs and take a different path to complete certain objectives.

The trick with this game is to find a good balance of the four pillars of your monarchy, essentially acting as your HP pool. If you fill or deplete certain pillars (military, religion, economy, and general population) the game will trigger a monarchy-ending event that’ll end the life of your current king.

There’s also a sequel, Reigns: Her Majesty, with a completely new storyline in which you can run your endless bloodline of queens.

Price: $3.99.

Collaborations: Game of Thrones, but do you really want to play that after the final few seasons…?

reigns gameplay mobile

Honorable mentions

Among Us, Plague Inc, Tangle Master 3D, Tiny Wings, Doodle Jump, Brawl Stars.

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