3 things we want to see in Doom Eternal: The Ancient Gods

Beware: minor spoilers for the Doom Eternal story

And people say nothing good happens in 2020. While that may be mostly true, there have definitely been things in 2020 for which we should count our blessings, and Doom Eternal is one of those things.  It offered everything a Doom player/slayer could want, especially for those who enjoyed the 2016 iteration of Doom. So what else could possibly keep Doom fans happy and occupied while 2020 continues to rage on unabated? More Doom, of course! Enter Doom Eternal: the Ancient Gods.

This single-player expansion was freshly announced at Quakecon earlier today. We are positively salivating at the possibilities a new expansion can bring to the already phenomenal  Doom Eternal. However, before we go too far into what we want out of this expansion, we first need to go into what it is.

What we know about The Ancient Gods so far

As we all know – and this probably doesn’t count as a spoiler – the Doom Slayer saved humanity at the end of Doom Eternal. However, just like the antics of comic book superheroes, this epic show of ass-kicking did not come without collateral damage.  According to Parker Wilhelm of id Software/Bethesda, the Doom Slayer’s victory “spared Earth from a perilous, demon-infested fate, but saving humanity has upset the delicate balance of power in the heavens.”

What’s the solution? Kick even more ass, of course. The Ancient Gods expansions should take us to “previously uncharted realms of the Doom universe.” Since this is being referred to as “part one,” we can expect more expansions to follow.

This expansion is part of the Year One Pass, which those who purchased the Deluxe Edition of Doom Eternal already have. The Year One Pass is available for purchase right now, but there’s no word on if expansions can be bought separately  from the pass.  That might not be practical anyway, if the expansions aren’t standalone stories.

This is an effective teaser of course, but we don’t know exactly what this expansion will contain as of yet. In the absence of more information, we’ve come up with a list of what would make this expansion awesome.

More interactive huge boss battles

The boss battles that already exist in Doom Eternal are the stuff of legend. Well, most of them, anyway. While the battles against the Gladiator and the Khan Maykr made you truly feel badass, the final boss battle against the Icon of Sin was… somewhat disappointing. In comparison to the prior boss battles, the fight against the Icon of Sin, while intense, was little more than “shoot it until it dies.” We would’ve loved to do more things in that battle to make it feel like we personally drove the Doom Slayer’s Crucible sword into the Icon’s brain.

The Doom Slayer has proven himself highly mobile in Doom Eternal.  id Software could exploit this to make battles against huge bosses more climactic. They could take a cue from Shadow of the Colossus, for example, and make huge bosses have points where the Doom Slayer could grab on. Scaling up the body of a huge boss would go a long way to making players feel even more badass.

Perhaps another route potential boss battles could go down would be to use environments in some way to contribute to the battle. There are plenty of potential things id Software could do in order to make fights against huge bosses more fulfilling than just emptying our entire stock of ammunition into them.

More weapons

We know there’s only so many weapons that can be crammed onto the weapon wheel. That being said, Doom Eternal already has the option to remove one weapon from your wheel to make room for the Unmaykr. With that in mind, there’s plenty of opportunity to introduce new firepower into Doom Eternal: the Ancient Gods.

Even though the entire back catalog of the Doom arsenal has already been touched upon, there are other id Software properties that can be exploited for this purpose. We’d love to see the Nailgun and Lightning Gun from Quake make comebacks in Doom Eternal. Some of the multiplayer-exclusive weapons from Doom 2016 can be included too. Not many people played Doom 2016’s multiplayer, so it’d be cool to see how the weapons from that mode could fare in a single-player setting.

More references to other games

Doom Eternal is a nostalgia trip as is, with all its references to other games id Software was involved in. However, there are still games yet to be referenced in id Software’s back catalog. Doom 64 was an obscure reference for many, since it was a Nintendo 64 exclusive, but id Software can go further. For instance, how many Doom fans have heard of Final Doom?  Then there’s  Heretic and Hexen, collaborations between id Software and Raven Software, that made Raven a household name for FPS fans. Heck, even a potential Animal Crossing reference wouldn’t be out of the question.

Now we’re going to kick it to you guys. What are some features you want to see in Doom Eternal: the Ancient Gods?  Let us know in the comments below. In the meantime, id Software and Bethesda have promised to reveal more information on this upcoming expansion  on Aug. 27, when they’ll do a “full trailer reveal” at the Opening Night Live event.

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