3 things we want to see in Star Wars: Squadrons

The Star Wars: Squadrons trailer released this morning and boy does it bring back a lot of nostalgia. The game will center around starfighter pilots – similar to what Rogue Squadron was like on the Nintendo 64 and GameCube – and take place after the events of Return of the Jedi. Here are 3 things many Star Wars fans, myself included, want to see in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Deep starfighter customization

We know that we will be able to customize and modify our starfighter, but we don’t know to what extent. Having a skin system, similar to Call of Duty‘s camo system for example, would be great. Paint jobs which can be earned by completing certain activities and achievements would give players something to grind for.

In addition to that, being able to fly different ships would add variety to not only the visuals but gameplay. This would add more to the immersion, and change the pace of the game from mission to mission. Flying a Tie Interceptor into the thick of a Rebel fleet, or doing a Y-Wing bombing run – that would be amazing.

New characters

With a new game we are bound to have new characters. With this game taking place after Return of the Jedi, I hope Motive’s developers and writers expand what is going on elsewhere in the universe. This game takes place around the time of Iden Versio, who was the main character of the Battlefront 2 campaign. The possibility of our Rebel squadron having a run in with Inferno Squad would make the game feel more canon, and would tie in Battlefront 2.

3 things Star Wars Squadron

I also hope Star Wars: Squadrons fleshes out new characters, giving us their back stories and motivations. Why did our character join the Rebels, what was their life like before they joined, and how did they become a pilot? Small story arcs like these can add a lot of depth and create compelling characters. Even short flashbacks similar to what we saw in Jedi: Fallen Order would go a long way in building the characters, giving us a small but meaningful peak into their backgrounds.

Planets and battles

With Star Wars: Squadrons being centered around space battles, its inevitable that a majority of the game will take place in space. Still, I would like to see a little bit of variance in scenery and setting. We already know the game is headed into “never before seen locations” such as the moon of Galitan and the gas giant of Yavin Prime. I feel like nobody would object if the devs threw long-time fans a bone and took us into some familiar places, too. Letting players explore the wreckage of the second Death Star or the remnants of old Rebel Bases would be pretty cool.

Not having to do all the fighting in the darkness of space would also be great. Fighting in an asteroid field, or entering the atmosphere of a planet could space things up. Having something similar to the starfighter modes in Battlefront 2 – but more in-depth – would change the pace of the game from time to time.

These 3 things could go a long way towards making Star Wars: Squadrons an incredible game, and I hope to see them in it. And even if they aren’t present, I have high hopes that the game will be amazing. Jedi: Fallen Order was truly redeeming, and gave me faith in EA and future Star Wars titles.

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