4 big new looter shooter games coming out in 2021 and beyond

As you can imagine, 2021 will see lots of new story additions and content drops for the big mainstays in the looter shooter genre: Warframe, Destiny 2 and, uh… that’s it I guess. Fans of lootin’ and shootin’ should be excited, however, as there are multiple brand new looter shooter titles slated to come out in 2021.

Plan 8

Developer Peral Abyss is calling their upcoming game Plan 8 an MMO shooter. Given Pearl Abyss’ track record, Plan 8 will likely to have a F2P style monetization, and a heavy focus on cooperative multiplayer activities. The game also appears to be heavily inspired by Edge of Tomorrow and The Terminator, so I expect that time travel or time-loops will factor in the story, if not the gameplay.

There is no official release date yet, but back in 2019 when the first trailer was unveiled it was suggested that the game is planned for a 2021 launch. That was before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, so I don’t exactly expect that timeline to come true, but I am hopeful.

PLAN 8 - Official Reveal Trailer

Almighty: Kill Your Gods

Almighty is an upcoming fantasy looter shooter that originally seemed like a fresh new take on the Monster Hunter formula. Having played around in the free demo which was recently available on Steam, I find it to be not that, but instead a fairly formulaic looter shooter with an interesting premise.

In Almighty you embody the champion of your tribe, and roam around the world in search of massive god beasts to slay and harvest for parts; the parts are then turned into new gear. There are some town management and building mechanics as well, and probably plenty of other features and things to do; what I got to sample was just a demo version, after all.

Almighty is not finished, but judging by the state of the demo build I do expect a playable early access of playtest version to launch by the end of 2021.

Almighty: Kill Your Gods - Official Trailer | Summer of Gaming


Outriders is an odd one, because it is not technically a live service game. The developers have made it abundantly clear that this is a complete game right out of the gate: you buy it, and then you play it… and that’s it. No updates, no events, no competitive multiplayer, and possibly no DLCs (unless it sells really well, I imagine.)

While that’s unusual for the genre, Outriders is without a doubt the most promising, most looter-shooter-looking looter shooter coming out this year. The game will launch with a long story-rich campaign – playable solo and with drop-in, drop-out co-op – followed up by procedural endgame content in the forms of progressively harder missions. From everything we have been shown so far, Outriders will focus heavily on replayability, build diversity,  and PvE action.

Outriders is slated for an April 1 release. If you want to give it a try, a free demo will be made available on Feb. 25. Note, that the demo is permanent – you can grab it whenever, and you get to keep it. Pretty cool.

Outriders: Become Terror Trailer


Witchfire is not going to be a traditional looter shooter in any sense. The first trailer for the game was unveiled more than three years ago, showcasing a hauntingly beautiful fantasy world, and some spooky skeletons. Three years later,  not much else has been shown, and it’s not clear how close or far from release Witchfire may be at this moment.

All we know so far is that Witchfire will be a first-person shooter in a fantasy-ish setting, and that it will have replayable content. There are regular updates on the developers’ blog page, although they usually deep-dive game design minutia and lack any meaningful details on the actual state of the game. My only takeaway so far is that the enemy AI seems to be a lot more interesting than that found in your typical looter shooter, so that part looks good.

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Besides these four new looter shooter games coming out in 2021, there will likely be new content drops for Marvel’s Avengers. We also now know that The Division 2 is getting new content this year, which is great.

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