4 easy Crucible tips to help you win more Alpha Hunters games

Crucible is slowly climbing higher on Steam, rising both in active players and positive reviews. While the objective-based Heart of the Hives mode offers a longer a more strategic affair, the Alpha Hunters mode is the closest Crucible gets to a battle royale, and it’s really fun.

Here are my 4 quick tips to help you win more Alpha Hunters matches – some of them are useful in the other Crucible modes as well.

Drop early

Waiting on the drop screen will let you see where other teams are going – and that can be helpful sometimes – but it delays your essence collection, putting you at an instant disadvantage. Simply put, the sooner you start farming essence, the better your odds of winning are.

So do yourself a favor and land A.S.A.P, ideally somewhere near a Stomper herd. Odds are there will be other players around too, which is perfect: you can ambush them as they farm, stealing their essence and potentially taking them out.

Crucible | Alpha Hunters - Game Mode Overview

Supports are pointless

Hunters with support and area denial abilities are very useful in all Crucible game modes except Alpha Hunters. Here you are better off picking two strong fighters, rather than a fighter and a support. That way, when you battle other teams you can quickly focus down one enemy player at a time.

Bugg and Rahi currently feel under-powered in Alpha Hunters, although both are pretty strong in the other Crucible modes. And speaking of individual hunters, here’s another tip:

Stick with your main

This advice in a no-brainer, and is true for playing Crucible in general, not just Alpha Hunters: focus on mastering one hunter at a time. Hunters have a lot of individual techniques and quirks to learn. For example, if you want to move faster around the map with Sazan, remember to switch to another weapon immediately after pulling out the shotgun – the speed buff persists, and the shotgun goes on cooldown so you can use it again sooner.

Also remember that you can tweak your talents on the drop selection screen. If you notice a lot of gun users in the lobby, perhaps it’s time to switch out of Tuned Spark Coils (why are you using Tuned Spark Coils anyway?)

crucible alpha hunters

Solo survival is about third-partying

If you are unfortunate enough to lose your teammate, it’s time to play stealthy. Traverse the map unseen, picking up boosts and health packs while searching for other solos.

If you stumble onto another team fighting, it’s time for the sacred battle royale tradition of third-partying: wait until all enemies are pretty beat up, and swoop in for the kill. You will efficiently eliminate some enemies, and you might also wind up face to face with another solo after you kill their teammate. They might be willing to forge an alliance – although alliances are not always the best option.

I have one final tip, and this one is really obvious: if your team spots a solo, you should chase them down mercilessly, even if they take you on a wild ride around the map. This is your best chance to get rid of them before they find a partner.

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