4 spooky horror games like Phasmophobia

First things first, I don’t know why you would want to play other horror games like Phasmophobia. The game is terrifying, and death seems to find you at every corner. When has adventuring in seriously haunted places ever worked out in movies? Never, that’s when. Regardless, here’s a list of horror games like Phasmophobia.


Phasmophobia seems like a doubled down version of Pacify. The idea behind Pacify is that you and a group of friends enter a house to investigate a haunted presence. You discover said presence, patrolling the halls and looking to pick each member of your group off, one by one. Your investigation turns into a frantic game of cat-and-mouse as you scavenge for keys and clues on how to pacify (aha!) this evil being.

pacify games like phasmophobia

Like in Phasmophobia, the enemy in Pacify can see and hear you as your group explores. The focus is less on collecting evidence, and more on surviving. Pacify also lacks the items and inventory Phasmophobia offers, and it doesn’t have the same variety of characters or ghost types.

On the plus side, Pacify moves and feels a lot smoother. It’s also cheap.


If you’ve ever wanted to aimlessly walk through the wilderness on the hunt for history’s most iconic cryptid, Bigfoot is the game for you. Phasmophobia sends you into locations to search for and classify ghosts, and Bigfoot has the same premise except you’re hunting Bigfoot.

bigfoot games like phasmophobia

Another big difference is that Bigfoot has you fighting off wild beasts rather than running away from ghosts. This makes it a better game for people who want to actually fight back.

Bigfoot is in early access, and is slated for a Dec. 30 release.

Hunt: Showdown

Quite apart from the other games on this list, Hunt: Showdown is highly competitive monster-hunting FPS. While it doesn’t offer the 4-player co-op experience of Phasmophobia, it does bear some small similarities in its teamwork, PvE, and clue-hunting mechanics. The main thing the two games share is just how damn stressful they can get.

hunt showdown boss

Sign of Silence

This 4-player co-op game puts you in a haunted town against your own will, unlike in Phasmophobia where you only have yourself to blame for your self-destructive choices. As you explore, you discover clues to help you escape and avoid the monsters that lurk around in Sign of Silence.

Phasmophobia shares plenty of similarities with Sign of Silence as far as it being a scary 4-player co-op with monsters that can be triggered by sounds. Sign of Silence uses in-game settings for players to interact with that might trigger a monster appearance, while Phasmophobia uses actual real life audio output from your microphone. Either way, both games are incredibly spooky and bring a lot of new gameplay features to the horror genre.

sign of silence

It’s tough to compare games to Phasmophobia since it’s such a unique experience. While all the suggestions above cover some aspects of the game, Phasmophobia still stands on its own as the potential progenitor of an awesome and terrifying new subgenre in horror games.

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