4 tips for Star Wars: Squadrons to improve as a pilot

Star Wars: Squadrons is a solid dogfighter game with a high skill ceiling and incredible potential for high level play. If you like to play competitively, you would have noticed by now that the leaderboards are very hard to climb. But with the right fundamental, anyone can reach the top. Here are 4 tips to help you improve and be a better pilot in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Be a team player

Star Wars: Squadrons revolves around team mechanics. Your team has 5 ships on it for a reason. If you need to swap over to a support ship to help your team out, do it Running a full team of A-Wings may be cool, but it won’t provide an optimal loadout for taking down the enemy’s Star Destroyer.


In any team game, communication can make or break the team’s performance. Even if you aren’t comfortable using voice comms, make sure you use the ping system as much as possible, marking enemies and other key objectives. Don’t forget that ping acknowledging is in the game! A simple ‘confirmed’ can go a long way in team cohesion.

3 things Star Wars Squadron

Power management

With ion missiles zooming past you and blaster fire going off everywhere, it can be hard to keep track of all the instruments at your disposal. Often I find myself forgetting to divert powers back to the engines when I retreat to my side of the battlefield. If you can properly divert power to systems at the right times, you can optimize damage, speed and survivability.

Practice, practice, practice

Some people say that practice makes perfect, but I like to think that practice makes permanent. If you don’t practice, you won’t master the necessary skills that it takes to improve in Star Wars: Squadrons. Hop into AI Fleet Battles to practice bombing runs on capital ships, and use AI Dogfights to practice your tracking.

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