5 alternative Iron Man suits that need to be in Marvel’s Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers will be hitting its beta phase this August. Alongside showcasing abilities and character talent customization, Crystal Dynamics has also stated that we will be getting cosmetics for each of the characters. Here are the top 5 Iron Man suits that should absolutely be added to the Marvel’s Avengers game.

Silver Centurion

The Silver Centurion suit, also known as the Mark 33 armor, is one of the more iconic Iron Man armor suits from the comic books. It is known for its silver and red color and large pronounced shoulder pads.

Iron Man suits Marvel's Avengers

Superior Iron Man Suit

This Iron Man suit comes from the Axis event in the Marvel comics. This alternate suits boasts a white coloration with blue repulsors. Additionally, the suit is made of a smart liquid metal, which couldk be showcased through unique suit animations.

Iron Man superior suit

Stealth Suit

The stealth armor is another iconic Iron Man suit, boasting a dark blue and red aesthetic. Another route Crystal Dynamics could take with this armor is the Mark 15, codenamed “Sneaky,” which was showcased in Iron Man 3.

Iron Man suits Marvel's Avengers

Model Prime Armor

Also known as Model 51, this modernized Iron Man suit rocks nanotechnology and a unique sharp edge design, making it a perfect fit for as an alternate suit in Marvel’s Avengers.

Punisher War Machine Suit

While technically not an Iron Man suit, this version of the War Machine suit was worn by Frank Castle. If not added as an Iron Man alternative suit, we could possibly see War Machine added as a playable character in a DLC.

If you want to know more about each of these Iron Man suits, you can check out Eren ‘Caboose’ Kose’s video below.

Marvel's Avengers Game - Top 5 Iron Man Alternate Suits That NEED To Be in the Game!

While we may not see all of these Iron Man suits in Marvel’s Avengers, Crystal Dynamic will be sure to add some alternative suits loved by the community.

What alternative suits would you like to see in Marvel’s Avengers? Let us know in the comments!

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