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5 Animal Crossing / Doom Eternal crossovers that will stand the test of time

It’s been a little more than a week since two seemingly opposite ends of the gaming spectrum released on the same day. Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing: New Horizons being simultaneously released may have been coincidental, but the community response has been anything but.

Memes, videos and art of the highest quality have come about as a result of the collective imagination of gamers merging these two titles. It was a crossover of epic proportions. These two segments of the gaming community putting aside their differences for the sake of awesome is a rare moment that needs to be treasured. The developers of Animal Crossing certainly have.

Considering how abrasive and toxic the gaming community can get these days, the Doom /Animal Crossing crossover content is something that’s worth remembering even more. Seeing as enough time has passed to be able to judge which of these memes are the best, we’re picking our top 5 tributes that we feel can stand the test of time.

“March 20, 2020” by Pringus McDingus

This original animation shows a hapless game store employee who sees the representative characters of each franchise (Doom Slayer and Isabelle) buy each other’s games. It’s the little details in this animation that make this one stand out. Doom Slayer is too big with his suit to fit through the door on his way out, and makes a hole. All while carrying a reusable shopping bag with an Animal Crossing charm dangling off the side.

Isabelle, meanwhile, jingles with every movement (a reference to the currency in Animal Crossing, called bells). After she buys the collector’s edition of Doom Eternal, which comes with a replica helmet, she immediately puts it on and looks absolutely adorable in it. Then she rides off in a car with K.K. Slider who’s jamming out to some kind of heavy metal soundtrack. These little details make its cuteness and overall enjoyment factor through the roof.

“What Isabelle’s been doing while waiting for you to upgrade resident services” by TheDashingDoctorK

This Source Filmmaker animation is actually pretty impressive. Most SFM shorts not done by Valve themselves have stiff, minimalistic animation, which – depending on the individual short – can either be hilarious or cringe-inducing. This one actually has incredibly smooth animation, at least when it comes to Isabelle and Doom Slayer, frolicking in the fields of Hell before being set on by another demonic horde.

But what really makes the icing on the cake for this animation are the logos at the end. This YouTuber actually went through the time and effort to do the logos of each game in the other game’s art style. That is a brilliant ending touch, and secured this animation a spot on our list.

“Best Friends” by Spockitans

Another Source Filmmaker animation, this one has the perfect choice of music: the Best Friend jingle by Harry Nilsson. That’s a TV sitcom jingle rarely heard since the first show it was featured in, a 70’s sitcom called The Courtship of Eddie’s Father. It’s honestly an inspired choice of music for this seemingly unlikely pairing. Having it blaring in the background as the animation swaps from scenes in Animal Crossing to slayings in Doom Eternal is comedy gold.

And of course, the animation simply has to end with a hint to Nintendo to include Doom Slayer in the Smash Bros. franchise. It’ll probably never happen, but a gamer can dream…

“Doom Crossing Eternal Horizons” by Inxanity

This pixel animation is short, sweet, and to the point. Normally I’m not a fan of the pixelated art style outside of the era of gaming that originally had it. However, for some reason it just works with a crossover of this nature. Not only does it get the job done of delivering its comedic point, but it’s a reminder that both games are still, well, games and therefore have the same purpose.

Then there’s the fact that Tom Nook actually looks intimidated by Doom Slayer’s presence, something many Animal Crossing players probably would appreciate, Nook being the loan shark he is. And Isabelle’s sadistic facial expression as she’s mowing down demons with a plasma rifle is just perfect.

“Isabelle Companion” by ItsMeVeronica

In perhaps the ultimate homage to the fandoms of both Doom Eternal and Animal Crossing, ItsMeVeronica has made a mod for the original 90’s Doom games that has Isabelle following Doom Guy as a faithful companion and helper. Other than being a great alternative for those gamers who can’t afford either game at present, it’s a perfect representation of Isabelle’s inner badass.

Among other abilities, in this mod for the classic 90’s Doom, she can find health and ammo to toss to you; fling pots and other projectiles into demons; and has party popper grenades. What better way to truly crossover the settings of Doom and Animal Crossing than through a retro game mod? It might as well happen in classic Doom, since an official crossover game using today’s tech likely isn’t in the cards.

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