5 fun party games to help you usher in the New Year with your friends

Well, congratulations everyone, we finally made it to 2023! To usher in the new year, here are a few games you and your friends can play to really start the year off with a bang!

Imagine Pictionary, but faster, customizable, and more party-esque, and you have is a fast-paced game about drawing and guessing that can accommodate you and up to 11 friends. Per turn, each player receives three prompts, and it’s up to the others to guess the prompt within a limited amount of time. As you can probably imagine, hijinks and ridiculousness may ensue. You have been warned.

Gartic Phone

Another party drawing game, Gartic Phone starts off with you and your friends writing up a prompt, and everyone else drawing those prompts to the best of their ability. From there, everyone takes turns guessing what the drawing could be, leading into the next round of prompted drawings. The goal isn’t necessarily to be right, but rather to have fun with the bizarre prompts and potentially ridiculous drawings. If you ever get bored of the base game, you can always try out one of the other alternative modes as well!

Gartic phone gameplay
This is just one round of Gartic Phone between my friends – it was also coincidentally the most SFW one…

 Pretend You’re Xyzzy

Cards Against Humanity’s tagline is “A party game for horrible people” and with Pretend You’re Xyzzy, you and your friends can keep the good times rolling! Pretend You’re Xyzzy functions just like Cards Against Humanity. Everyone draws a handful of cards with different funny phrases on them, and in each round, a Card Czar and prompt (black) card are chosen. The goal here is to respond with the funniest response (white) card. At the end of the round, the Card Czar chooses the winner, and the player with the most points at the end wins!

Jackbox Party Pack

The one is a little broader, as there are currently nine different Jackbox Party Packs to choose from (10 if you count the starter pack). The Jackbox Party Pack(s) are, as you can probably tell, a pack of party games designed to leave you gasping for air – but in a good way. Each Party Pack consists of five games of various player counts, and each game is different, which can make it somewhat difficult to choose. I’m of the opinion that every group of friends either has a Party Pack available to them already or should have one if the need arises. My personal favorite game series is Trivia Murder Party, but you’ll find your own favorite soon enough. Happy hunting!


JKLM.Fun may sound like some weird multi-level marketing scheme, but I promise it’s just a couple of fun party games. Personally, my friends and I are big fans of Bomb Party. Bomb Party is a fun word game where each player is given a couple of letters and has to type in a word that consists of those letters while using up as many as they can from the sidebar. The more letters eliminated, the better, but if you fail to enter a new word in time, you lose a life.

Now, what are you waiting for? Get into Discord (or meet up in person if you’re cool like that) and get to partying! Just remember to keep things responsible, and have a Happy New Year!

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