5 Hardest (and most rewarding) Brawlers to use in Brawl Stars

Each Brawler in Brawl Stars has their own unique playstyle and kit. Some are easy and straightforward like Colt, while others – like Surge – are a bit more intricate and take some getting used to. Let’s talk about who are the hardest brawlers to use in Brawl Stars.


Mortis is one of the most unique brawlers in Brawl Stars. His basic attack, Shovel Swing, propels him a short distance in the direction that he is aiming. This means that you cannot attack with him without moving. While at times this can get you out of sticky situations, it requires you to be more deliberate in your movements. In order to be most effective with Mortis, avoid using auto-fire so you can control the direction of your dash.

It’s also worth noting that Mortis has the slowest reload speed in the game, meaning it’s best to retreat after getting an elimination.

Similar to other melee characters, Mortis does not have a reliable way to check bushes. While your Super can be used for that, it is best used to regain health in a fight, rather than pushing enemies out of hiding.


Like other projectile-lobbing characters in Brawl Stars, Sprout has a ranged attack that is slow and takes perfect timing. However, unlike characters like Dynamike and Barley, Sprout cannot throw attacks at their own feet.

If their Super – Hedge – is used incorrectly, it can drastically screw over their team. Hedge creates a wall of impassible terrain. These means they could totally wall their team out of position or into an area where they don’t hold the numbers advantage. However, Hedge can be a strong Super when used in Brawl Ball, because on some maps it can completely block the goal.

hardest brawlers Brawl Stars


While Frank has a lot of health, this is easily balanced out by the wind-up time on his basic attacks and Super. Both Hammer Hit and Stunning Blow force Frank to stand still, leaving him open to damage. Stunning Blow is a strong source of crowd control, but can easily be canceled by stuns or knock backs, like Shelly or El Primo’s Super. The same also goes for for his basic attacks, but the window to interrupt him is smaller.


Jacky makes it onto this list strictly because of her Super, Holey Moley! While it may be one of the strongest AOE pulls in Brawl Stars, it renders her completely immovable and susceptible to being dove on by the enemy. Without the help of her team, Holey Moley! can easily turn the tides of a battle in favor of her enemies.


Nani makes it onto her list due to the complexity of her basic attacks and Super. Her basic attacks fire three bolts that arch outwards, then inwards, doing the most damage at the point where all three bolts meet. Often when firing on a moving target it can be hard to land all three bolts at the apex. Her Super, Manual Override, has her standing still to remotely control Peep, which explodes on contact. She can easily be dove on and punished for using her Super ability.

hardest brawlers Brawl Stars

Who do you think is the hardest Brawler to use in Brawl Stars? Let us know in the comments below.

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