5 horror movies that would make great games

Most of us have at least one movie that we would like to dive into and experience in first-person. It can be because we love the world of the movie and its characters, and they offer a nice escape. In the case of horror movies, it’s  because we’re chasing an adrenaline high that only being there can deliver. Since being there is usually not an option, games are the next best thing. And while there is no shortage of game adaptations of movies, there certainly aren’t enough based on horror movies. Here’s my personal (and definitely incomplete) list of horror movies that I would love to see as games.

Annabelle / The Conjuring

Making games about these movies would be the perfect VR opportunity. They already hold a strong following with fans, and players would love to be put right inside these cases. I can see these games offering  a lot of decisions to make that would alter the ultimate outcome.

Players would be playing as either Ed Warren, Lorraine Warren, or maybe even as the person being affected by the entity. Based on who they pick, it would change what storyline they get. As Ed and Lorraine, you would be working to solve the case, and as the case victim, you would be doing everything to stay alive.

horror movies games The Conjuring


This is another good opportunity to make a game with branching story lines that follow each of the characters, with the players’ choices determining if they all make it the end or not. It could be made in VR, but it would also be cool to play as a first-person game. I could see an IT game playing similarly to Until Dawn.

An ideal ending to the game would be a final boss battle with Pennywise, of course. I’d love to see if a game could do a better job with this fight than each of the movies did.

The Descent

This is something I would definitely want to play in VR. Players would find themselves lost in a cave system and have to rely on their survival skills as they try to find a way out. I envision this as something that fits in with games like Amnesia and Outlast. It would be a true survival horror game, that encourages players to prioritize running away over fighting.

Dog Soldiers

This lesser known werewolf flick would make an interesting mix between a horror game and a military shooter. It could again work for both VR or as a FPS, although the latter seems more likely. The main goal in this game would be finding shelter, fighting off the monsters, and trying to survive until dawn.

Deception could be a part of the gameplay too, as anyone could be infected and become a werewolf. With good multiplayer, Dog Soldiers could make an awesome asymmetrical horror experience.

horror movies games Dog Soldiers

The Purge

A Purge game would give people the opportunity to answer the “what would you do?” question posed by the movies. Set up as an open-world game likeGTA, The Purge would have players try to survive for 12 real-time hours.

It would essentially be a giant battle royale. Players would create custom characters with different strengths and weaknesses, and then dive into the game and just try to survive until the end. Social features and communication would be a must, and maybe even the option to form “gangs” for protection and domination. Proximity chat would also be great, so players can negotiate with each-other.

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