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5 huge Among Us mistakes most Crewmates make

Among Us is a simple game on paper, but its multifaceted combination of task completion, communication, deception, and perception make it a difficult game to excel at. While it’s disappointing on occasion to be a Crewmate, don’t take the role lightly. There’s a lot of pressure in running around and completing tasks all while dodging dodging players, but that doesn’t mean you should crack under it. Lets look at 5 huge mistakes Crewmates make in Among Us.

Not doing your tasks

This is the core objective of all Crewmates. This is your win condition, taking priority over exposing the Imposter. A good Imposter can make it incredibly hard to catch them, but how well you do your tasks is entirely up to you, so stick to your job. As a ghost, it’s fun to rip around and follow the Imposter, but do your tasks first. Among Us is a team game for the Crewmates, so don’t let your team down.

Talking too much, or saying nonsense

Emergency meetings are key in Among Us. You only have a certain amount of emergency meetings to use, so don’t flood the chat with nonsense, or a billion questions. If you aggressively air every suspicion you have, you may be drawing attention to yourself as the likely Imposter. And if others believe you and eject a player who turns out not be the Imposter, then you are absolutely going to be heavily scrutinized from that point on.

Make sure you have a strong case for someone, or a good question to ask them. Otherwise you should stay quiet, listen, and pay attention.

among us emergency meeting

Traveling solo all game

It’s 2020 and it’s scary being close to people. But sometimes it’s safer to travel in a group. If you’re playing in a one-Imposter lobby, you can buy some time by sticking to a group of three, making sure no one gets eliminated without a witness. Don’t make it your job to run around with people, but if you notice you’re all running in the same direction, it’s OK to ride the wave with your assumed Crewmates.

If you’re traveling solo, you’ll miss the opportunity to have suspicions about other players. And if you’re AWOL most of the game, it paints a target on your back as somebody who’s either suspicious, or an easy target to pick off by The Imposter.

Sitting at Security or Communications all game

This goes back to not doing your tasks: if you’re just sitting in Security, you’re playing the game wrong. It’s fun to snoop on everybody, but you leave yourself exposed, and you’re not doing what you’re supposed to. By all means, check cameras every once and a while to see if you catch a murder, but don’t make that your occupation.

If you are done your tasks, don’t camp cameras either. The Imposter will know you’re there and either kill you or rule you out as someone to not worry about. Try finding a group of Crewmates to escort once and a while.

Running around aimlessly

Running around without direction in Among Us is suspicious, and you’re not accomplishing anything for your fellow Crewmates. If you’re unfamiliar with the map, take a hot second in a very visible place to get your bearings by reading the map. You’ll know where your objectives are quicker that way as opposed to learning on the fly. Worst case scenario: you die and someone stumbles upon your body quickly.

Among Us Crewmate hat

Honorable Mention: not wearing a stupid hat

If you’re playing this game not wearing a hat, chances are you don’t season your chicken.

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