5 MMO games like Albion Online

Albion Online is a cross-platform sandbox MMO which gives its players a lot of freedom to choose what to do and who to be. There are a lot of PvE and PvP activities, a fully player-driven economy, and the best part is that the player population is very strong, meaning you’ll always have someone to play with.

Albion is one of my favorite MMOs because of its authenticity and originality, and today we’re going to explore 5 other MMO games that capture some of that Albion Online vibe.


Of all the games I could compare to Albion Online, why would I start with one that is still in closed beta? I wanted to open this list with Fractured, and that’s because Fractured is more similar to Albion Online than any other game. Both Albion and Fractured are sandbox MMORPGs, both have very immersive stories, both give both PvE and PvP players lots of things to sink their teeth into.

Like in Albion, in Fractured you get free range to do what you want, whether it’s fighting, crafting, mining and scavenging. However, equipment and levels are not a huge part of the game and you’ll have to rely on your own skills and ideas to get ahead.

Fractured MMO | Official Alpha 2 Gameplay Trailer

Now that I’ve told you how similar they are, it’s time to tell you how Fractured differs from Albion Online and why that is a good thing. First, Fractured lets you choose between three different races – Human, Beastman, and Demon – and the race you choose will determine the society you get to live in and the way your character interacts with others.

Then there’s the social aspect, which I hope will be more realized in Fractured‘s official release. To put it simply, if you’re feeling strong and want to conquer the world, you can get a guild together and build your own settlement. Sound basic? There’s more to it, but I’ll leave it for you to discover.

Ecclesia Online

Ecclesia Online is a very new MMO, still in alpha, whose developers have taken inspiration from Diablo, Tibia, and Albion Online.

Trailer Ecclesia Online

It has a big emphasis on PvP but also keeps things interesting for PvE fans. The game is set in a medieval open world, just waiting to be explored – and conquered. Much like Albion Online, it has a player-driven economy and a classless system, which are two of the features I most like about Albion.

As the game is quite new, the developers have created a Discord group for players to express their ideas and opinions, and for the developers to share any news regarding the game – join it if you’re interested in the game.

Ashes of Creation

Still in Pre-Alpha, Ashes of Creation is showing a lot of promise. It seems to have taken the best features of a lot of popular MMOs: EVE Online’s regionalized economy, ArcheAge’s building system, naval combat and even transportation, Lineage II’s castle sieges and overall open-world PvP, and Star Wars Galaxies’ crafting systems.

Ashes of Creation Official Gameplay Teaser Trailer - Gamescom 2019

Like Albion, you’ll develop your character as you wish, and then venture on exploring, trading, building, or whatever you feel like doing. The game has a huge focus on PvP and massive warfare, so I think PvP players will be happy with it.

Ashes of Creation‘s claim to uniqueness is in its nodes system. The game splits its world into different areas, known as nodes. Any time you kill a monster or complete a quest within a certain area, that area gains experience. At first, it won’t seem like anything is happening, but over time, a desert could become a village, and a village can become a huge metropolis. It will all depend on how much effort the players put into that specific area of the open world.

Now that we’ve gone through 2021’s games like Albion Online, let’s explore some of the old classics.

Eve Online

Let’s go all the way back to 2003 and take a look at Eve Online. Eve Online was one of the inspirations in the creation of Albion Online, so it’s only natural it’s part of this list.

EVE Online - Official Gameplay Trailer - Play Free!

The game doesn’t seem anything like Albion Online at first sight. Albion is set on a sort of medieval world, whereas Eve Online is all about space and corporate warfare.

But once you get through that initial visual differences, you start to see the games share a lot of similar qualities: freedom to do what you wish in a sandbox environment, lots of PvP and PvE activities, and a thriving player-driven economy. Of course Eve Online has a lot more going on besides these things, which is why I think Albion  Online players might find it a refreshing – and sometimes overwhelming – change of pace.

Villagers and Heroes

Yes, that Villagers and Heroes, the game from 2011. Stay with me here.

Villagers and Heroes - Steam Launch Trailer

Like Albion Online, Villagers & Heroes is a cross-platform MMO, meaning you can play it on PC or mobile. It has a massive open world with lots of opportunities to raid lairs and forge your own gear and weapons. You can also craft, fish, mine; you know the deal. And let’s not forget the mounts. Villagers & Heroes has a considerable amount of mounts, much like Albion Online.

It might be a bit old, but in my humble opinion this venerable MMORPG is definitely worth a shot.

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