5 things that Crucible needs to add next

Crucible is live on Steam and the reviews have so far been mixed. The game itself holds up well, but it could use some small changes to improve quality of life and add replayability. Here are 5 things Crucible should add next.

Mini map

While Crucible currently has a map, having to access a map menu slows down the pace of the game. With much of the screen empty, a simple mini map added to the top left or right of the screen would go a long way. This will also help players keep oriented on the large arena of Crucible.

In-game communication options

A big complaint the current player base has of Crucible is the lack of a way to communicate with your teammates. While the game has a ping system, it still makes it difficult to accurately convey what your team should do. A simple voice chat or text chat would go a long way in making games more enjoyable.

More talents

The game currently has optional talents for every hunter, but they aren’t present at every level. Only on levels 1, 3 and 5 are you able to have some variance in your talents. Adding some new talents will allow players to customize their playstyle a bit more. This would also feed more into the ‘adapt’ part Crucible advertised before launch.

5 things Crucible
Rahi utilizing his bubble

New game modes

Crucible currently boasts three game modes, each very different in objectives and playstyle. However a new game mode wouldn’t hurt, aside from potentially increasing queue times. I would like to see something along the lines of a Team Deathmatch added to the game. It could run similarly to Alpha Hunters, except without a closing circle, and with the ability to respawn.

There’s a chance developer Relentless Studio is already working on new modes, as Harvester Command is currently the only mode in the Arcade section. This seems to indicate that new modes will be added to the Arcade next.

New characters

Nobody would complain about a new character. While the game currently has 10 hunters to choose from, an 11th wouldn’t hurt. I would like to see a more utility-oriented character, similar to Rahi & Brother. A character that provides vision for their teammates could be something cool to see added next.

Crucible is a fun game, but could still a lot of improvement. If you are on the fence on trying the game, check out our first impression of the game.

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