6 awesome mobile FPS games for Android and iOS

A week ago I wrote an article on the best free to play FPS games to play on PC, and I feel like it’s probably fair to share a list for mobile gamers as well. There are a ton of FPS games for mobile, but many of them are not worth your time. With that in mind, I’m sharing my hand-picked list of actually good FPS games for mobile.

Left to Survive

I love everything zombie-related. I used to play Left4Dead on my Xbox360, then I moved on to Dying Light, which scared the hell out of me quite a few times.  Most recently I had fun shooting yellow-eyed nazi zombies in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Left to Survive is a memesy FPS game in which zombies have pretty much taken over the entire planet. Players can play the campaign mode, trying to rid the world of the undead, but they can also choose to go online and play in tournaments, do expeditions, raid other people’s bases and challenge other players to PvP matches.

[Left to Survive] - Area 51 event Teaser

Critical Ops

If you are into Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, then this game is for you. Critical Ops is an FPS with some pretty diverse maps to play in. Players can choose between joining the Coalition or the Breach, and then fight alongside other players of their faction. There are a bunch of different game modes, which are all well executed for a mobile shooter.

  • Deathmatch. This mode is just like in CS:GO, you have a team and your objective is to take out the opposing team.
  • Defuse. Much like the name entails, this mode includes a bomb. There is a terrorist team with the goal of securing a bombsite, planting and defending the bomb until it blows off, and the other team trying to prevent the bomb from being planted or defusing it before it sets off.
  • Gun Game. This is a unique mode in which players have to beat the opposing team while trying to go through every gun in the game. Not gonna lie, this one is challenging.

Aside from the game modes, you can also choose between casual matches or ranked matches. Last but not least, if you wish to play by different rules or with just friends, then you can make custom matches.

Critical Ops iOS trailer

Call of Duty: Mobile

We are all familiar with the Call of Duty franchise, but not everyone knows there is a mobile version.
The game is pretty similar to the PC version, sharing the same multiplayer maps as we see in Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

CoD Mobile has a bunch of awesome characters to play as, unique outfits, and a big roster of weapons. As for game modes, players get to enjoy Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Free For All, Frontline, Domination, Hardpoint, and even a 100-player battle royale survival mode.

Call of Duty®: Mobile - Official Season 11 Anniversary Trailer

Warface: Global Operations

Warface: Global Operations came as a surprise to me. I downloaded it expecting it to be just another mobile game, but it really takes things to a new level.

Most of the game modes are similar to Critical Ops, by which I mean Deathmatch, Plant the Bomb, Free for All, and Control. But the gameplay itself is quite interesting. I mean, there are 20 mini-events happening each day and none are like the day before. The game is constantly being updated and improved. The diversity of maps is a bit limited, but it does help players master each one quickly.

The only obvious downside I found in this game was the matchmaking. I confess I am not a pro – not by a long shot – and at given times, I am matched with high ranking players that almost instantly kick my butt. Other than that, the game is amazing.

Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is one of the absolute best zombie FPS games I’ve ever played on mobile. The graphics are breathtaking, the controls are so easy to use, and the story is thrilling.

Much like Left to Survive, you’ll have to build your own safehouse, and craft weapons and medicine. Unlike Left to Survive, Dead Trigger 2 has 10 different regions for players to unlock over time, while also planning strategies to fight off the zombies who seem intent on destroying everything on the planet.

Every week there are new tournaments, and most of them have incredible arenas.

Dead Trigger 2 Trailer

Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online is also similar to CS:GO, but at the same time brings something fresh to the formula. There are 5 game modes and players can choose to play solo or in a multiplayer server.

The game is very intuitive and the 5v5 battles are just awesome. There are about 14 maps, each with its unique rules and playstyle.

The daily rewards are also pretty good, which I know matters quite a bit to some mobile gamers.

Modern Strike Online Trailer HD

And that is it for my list of FPS games to play on mobile. Stick around with SQUAD for more gaming content and news!

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