7 DC Comics characters who deserve their own games

Warner Brothers have created many beloved games based on DC characters. Most of them have been based on Batman, and I think we all know there are other DC characters who deserve attention. Here are 7 DC characters who should have their own games before the world gets another Batman game.

Black Lightning

Black Lightning was the first African-American superhero in DC comics, and hasn’t seen screen time in any live-action movies, not to mention never being made playable in any games. In 2018, he got his own show on the CW network, so progress is being made on getting him the attention he deserves.

Black Lightning can create and manipulate electricity, and create force fields. He was trained in hand-to-hand combat by Batman, and could make for a pretty unique game centered around an electricity-powered superhero.

DC characters


Lobo would be a very unconventional character to center a game around. He is one of the most violent comic book characters ever made. In 1996, Ocean Software had a game for him in development, but it was ultimately canceled. A Lobo video game would have the potential to be the most violent DC hero game created. It would  have showed players, that DC is not afraid to diversify their roster with more unconventional heroes.

Black Canary

The Black Canary was put on people’s radars after her appearances in Arrow and in Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. Her only superpower is her “Canary Cry”, which is an ultrasonic scream. That, and she is also a master martial artist. She’s been a member of the Justice Society of America, the Birds of Prey, and the Justice League, so a game with her would be open for multiple crossovers with other heroes.

Harley Quinn

Speaking of Harley Quinn, a Harley Quinn game would be another unconventional but awesome thing to make. Games from the point of view of the villains isn’t something that is often done, even if they are undeniably charismatic.

This is a good time for a Harley Quinn game. After her solo movie, she’s continuing to gain popularity in the pop culture world.  A game could follow her life after the events of her solo movie. I would also accept a combined game with all of the members of the Birds of Prey. Either way, Harley Quinn is easily one of the most unique characters in the DC universe, and would give developers a lot of room to run with her game.

BIRDS OF PREY – Official Trailer 2

Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing is arguably one of the most popular characters in the DC universe. He’s had live-action films, television series, and an animated series. He has also appeared in two different games as a playable character. An ideal storyline for a solo game would be centered around the war he has with The Rot. 

Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle has been held by several different characters, but has been a fan favorite since he was paired with Booster Gold in 1987’s Justice League International. A movie with Blue Beetle and Booster Gold was reportedly in the works in 2018, but it hasn’t been talked about in over a year. Like other popular characters, Blue Beetle has appeared in many different DC games, but he has yet to be given his own time in the spotlight.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman has been one of the most popular heroes in the DC universe, and her popularity has only increased since her solo movie in 2017, and the sequel set to come out this year. She has been one of the strongest role models for women since her introduction in 1941 in All-Star Comics #8.

She has been a playable character in a number of games, but nothing so far that is actually focused on her and her story. Her character is perfect for a video game, and there’s no limit to what a game with her could entail.

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