7 female streamers you should know

If you’re a female gamer looking for streamers who better represent you, or are just looking for some great gaming content to sub to, I’ve got something special for you today. I picked from my favorites to make a list of 7 unique female streamers from across Twitch and YouTube. Some are pretty popular, and others relatively unknown, but they’re all great and worth checking out!


DeLadysigner is from the Netherlands and is an official Planet Coaster and Planet Zoo Ambassador. She’s big on Twitch, but she is really big on YouTube, where she has over 72 thousand subscribers. Recently I’ve been watching her build enclosures on Planet Zoo for hours, which is just so relaxing. She’s not competing with anyone, and her content is just fun and calming to watch and lose yourself in.

She occasionally plays Overwatch and Skylines as well. Her YouTube library has a lot of content, so if you like her style you’ll have tons to catch up on.

DeLadysigner female streamers

Rose and Rosie Let’s Play Games

If you’re someone who likes to watch people playe games they aren’t professionals in or even knowledgeable about, this is the channel for you. Rose and Rosie are pretty big in this scene, and play a variety of different games, including The Sims, FIFA, Call of Duty, and Life is Strange. Rosie also plays Fortnite quite frequently, and it’s become the only game she’s genuinely good at.

Shirley Curry

Known as the  “Skyrim Grandma”, this 84-year-old YouTube streamer is from Ohio and has 780k subscribers. Curry is so beloved, that you can already play as her in Skyrim by using a mod. She will also appear in The Elder Scrolls 6 as an NPC! If you’re looking for a wholesome channel to watch, she’s the one to go to. She proves that at any age, you can play games and have fun doing it.

Lady Kaylee

Lady Kaylee is a smaller – for now – YouTube streamer who plays a variety of different games on her channel, including Grand Theft Auto, Dragon Ball Z, NBA 2k, and Resident Evil. Her Twitch channel is much more popular and I can definitely see her becoming one of the top streamers in time.

LadyKaylee streaming banner

Lady BlackMamba-S-

Lady BlackMamba is another relatively small YouTube streamer. She’s from Italy and mainly plays Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. She strikes me as someone who games primarily because she loves it, and her content is very fun and genuine. If you’re looking for a smaller community of gamers to join, this would be the channel for you. Keep in mind, that you will have to follow her on YouTube – she doesn’t stream on Twitch.

Retro Gamer Girl

Retro Gamer Girl plays a variety of vintage games and keeps her channel interesting. But she will occasionally sprinkle in newer games such as Days Gone and Rainbow Six SiegeShe’s from Australia and has been making YouTube videos since 2017. Her channel is popular, and what’s awesome about her is that she explores all types of games.

Jenna Marbles streaming

Jenna Marbles

You might already know them through their other channels, but Jenna and her boyfriend Julien have a very popular gaming channel on YouTube and stream on Twitch. Some of the games that Jenna enjoys playing on the stream are The Elder Scrolls, Skyrim, and at times PUBG. She’s someone to watch if you’re just looking to have a relaxing time watching someone play games.

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