All the cool CES 2020 gaming tech we didn’t get to talk about

Tired of CES stuff? I'm not

We saw a lot of amazing new tech and concepts come out of CES 2020. While we tried covering the most interesting ones in depth, there were many we just couldn’t write full pieces on. That being said, welcome to our final CES 2020 gaming tech round-up!

Digitsole’s gaming insoles

If you’re a big fan of sports games, here’s something for you from Ubisoft and Digitsole. They’ve come together to tailor Digitsole’s smart soles for motion control gaming. The applications may be small at the moment, but bear with me. Imagine getting sweaty, running in real life to avoid gunfire, or actually scoring a goal as the player you’re emulating. This can be a game-changer, minus the sweat part. Or maybe… because of it?

The Arcadeo Smart Gaming Chair

10 haptic actuators for you to feel every impact, 16x multiprocessor, RGB lighting and USB-C,3.5mm and Bluetooth connectivity. This gaming chair was designed to stand out from its competitors and create a more immersive experience for players.

Samsung’s Odyssey G9 ultrawide gaming monitor.

49”, 32:9 aspect ratio with G-Sync and a curve for your viewing pleasure, Samsung is at it again with their high quality gaming displays. Running at 240mHz; the Odyssey G9 is also curved to match the human eye, giving players unparalleled levels of immersion.

Samsung's new gaming monitor
I mean LOOK, that thing is massive!

The ROG Chakram – a gaming mouse that emulates a controller?

Think fighting games are easier with a gamepad? ROG may agree with you, hence their new mouse equipped with removable joystick, and tons of customization. 16,000 DPI max, wireless freedom, RGB lighting and the ability to customize the badge to your liking may make me stop being a Corsair fanboy. The joystick is the centerpiece here, use it to quick-pan in FPS’ or for custom shortcuts, it’s up to you.

Razer Sila – 5G home networking

Cloud based gaming is on the rise with Google Stadia, Apple Arcade, and now Microsoft’s Project xCloud. Soon enough gamers may not need the best hardware, but rather the strongest bandwidth to play the games they love.  The Sila uses Razer FasTrack to prioritize bandwidth between specific consoles for your gaming comfort and stability. Adding more than one Sila also allows you to create a mesh network, creating a consistent connection and eliminating dead-zones.

Tilt your motherboard for optimal cooling?

ROG is back for our final slot with their Z11 ITX gaming PC case. The case has front (or top?) GPU mounting and funky 11° motherboard rotation because why not. It sure is original, but we’re still waiting on more details on the case. I wonder if they can rotate the GPU back; going up against glass like that looks great, but isn’t good for cooling.

ROG Z11 gaming case
Seriously, swapping to mesh will do wonders for your performance.

That’s all folks!

And that does it for our CES 2020 gaming tech coverage. What was your favorite product or concept to come out of CES? If you haven’t seen much else – or have no idea what I’m talking about, be sure to check out my other articles on some of the cool tech featured at CES 2020!

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