The best cards for each Type in Pokemon TCG Online

Pokemon TCG Online features a variety of decks of each Type, and in this list we’ll explore the best cards for each one. Unlike the main games, TCG makes some significant changes, such as discontinuing Fairy Types, and having Water as a common Type for Water and Ice Pokemon.

Each Type also isn’t equally balanced; some have supporting cards that provide amazing advantages, while other Types have a hard time even getting into the meta. Naturally, the Type that gets the best supporting cards dominates the Pokemon TCG Online competitive lists easily.

Here are the best cards for each Type of deck in Pokemon TCG Online. Note that this list does not include the best attackers, just the cards that are the backbone of the respective decks.


No other Type in Pokemon TCG Online gets as much Support as fire; naturally, four out of the ten best decks in the Standard format are Fire type. If you can get yourself any of these two cards out in the beginning, it’s very easy to get 3+ Energies onto your Pokemon within two turns.

Best Fire cards in Pokemon TCG Online

With Volcanion’s Flare Starter, you can essentially have 6 Fire Energies on one of your Benched Pokemon on your second turn. Very few decks can do that, and if it’s a deck like Centiskorch VMAX, it’s an almost guaranteed win for you.


Grass is one of the weakest Types in Standard right now, but you can do a lot with it in Expanded. Healing, Energy Acceleration, and fetching Grass types – it seems like a perfect combo, if you have something like Rare Candy or Rowlet & Alolgan Exeggutor-GX to support the Rillaboom evolution. Grass is the only type that regularly runs Stage 2 Pokemon in the meta because of this card.

Best Grass cards in Pokemon TCG Online


Water is slowly gaining its foot back in the Pokemon TCG Online meta, with cards such as Inteleon V and Galarian Darmanitan VMAX. It’s especially good in Expanded with cards like Aqua Patch, but the best ones are Dive Ball, Nessa, and Frosmoth.

Best Water cards in Pokemon TCG Online

It’s pretty hard to defeat a Water deck once it has Frosmoth on the Bench because of how it can assign any amount of Energy from your Hand to any of your Pokemon.


Electric is the only type other than Fire that has gotten great cards in both, Standard and Expanded. While Electropower and Thunder Mountain have rotated, Boltund V continues to be a staple in Standard because of Electrify.

Best Electric cards in Pokemon TCG Online

In Expanded, the first two make the Pikarom Deck absolutely broken. Thunder Mountain essentially gives Boltund V a 0-Energy Electrify and a 1-Energy Bolt Storm.


Psychic has had the least amount of representation in the meta. The only viable cards are Mewtwo & Mew-GX with their own decks, and somehow even this deck is more of a Fire-type deck than Psychic. Dimension Valley and Mysterious Treasure are all we have for now, and the only viable deck is Dragapult VMAX.

Best Psychic cards in Pokemon TCG Online


Like Psychic, Dragon also doesn’t have a lot of support in the game; not that it needs it, with ADP being so broken. Altaria is pretty good and provides a valuable buff, but there just aren’t enough Dragon-type decks in the meta that even need it.

Best Dragon cards in Pokemon TCG Online


Diancie – because of her ability that buffs damage – and Korrina have started seeing play in Expanded Coalossal VMAX decks. Baby Coalossal hasn’t been a part of the same deck, but is great in decks like Charizard VMAX.

Best Ground cards in Pokemon TCG Online

Fighting doesn’t have enough support in Standard and is only entering the meta with decks like Coalossal VMAX that rely on entirely different strategies.


Turbo Dark has been a great deck for years in the Expanded format, and it’s thanks to Darkrai-EX and Dark Patch. Darkrai-EX lets you Retreat your Pokemon with Dark Energy for no cost, and Dark Patch can fetch Energies from your discard pile. These have been the core of every Dark deck in Expanded for a while now, and will continue to be for a long time.

Best Dark type cards in Pokemon TCG Online

The new Weavile-GX is also a great new addition to Dark decks, allowing them to shift any amount of Energy between your Pokemon each turn.


Zacian LucMetal decks have proven just how good Steel is in this meta, regardless of its Weakness being Fire. Metal Goggles and Full Metal Wall-GX provide 30-damage Resistance each, making Steel decks one some of the tankiest ones in the game. Metal Saucer, like Dark Patch, is great for retrieving Energy from your Discard pile.

Best Steel cards in Pokemon TCG Online

Along with these, you also have Galarian Perserker, which isn’t used much but provides a +20 damage boost to all of your Steel types. This is great, and the card would see more use if only it weren’t a Stage 1 Pokemon.


Fairy Types have been discontinued in the game, and we won’t be having new cards until they declare otherwise, but there are still some decks like Whimsicott-GX and Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX that are being used.

Best Fairy cards in Pokemon TCG Online

The recent Versus Ladder gave us a free Mina – which is good, but pales in front of Max Elixir, an Item Card. Wondrous Labyrinth is amazing and works similar to Thunder Mountain, and Fairy Charm is pretty situational.

For more listicles, information regarding best cards, and deck guides for Pokemon TCG Online, check out our list of resources.

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