12 Valheim community memes to make the Jarl chuckle

Valheim is the Viking RPG that no one knew they needed until they were 50 hours deep into a terraforming project. This indie game came out of nowhere and took just about everyone by storm, and it has now reached four million downloads and a very active Redditcommunity. These are some of the best Valheim memes right now, and some are guaranteed to attack your building skills.

Ah yes, the first time entering the Black Forest and consequently realizing you made a massive mistake.

Valheim meme

POV: Your friend says they are bringing you a gift from the Black Forest.

Valheim meme

For some reason no matter what I do, the trolls see that blue cape, and it’s game over.  If you have a friend who tries to convince you trolls are the best way to mine, don’t believe them.

One does not simply mine solo from valheim

Half of the time mining in the Black Forest will be spent kiting Greydwarfs in circles.

Valheim meme

By far logging is the most dangerous endeavor in Valheim.

At least every other day . . . from valheim

Going through the r/ValheimBuilds subreddit is sure to make you feel great about whatever dingy shack your workbench is sitting in.


Everyone’s builds vs me from valheim

The only thing worse than having your friend make fun of your building skills is having them argue with you on which way to place wall panels. The correct answer: planks on the inside.

The debate I’ve had all night with my coop buddy as we were building the base. from valheim

Valheim is best played with friends, and playing solo after a 10-hour team expedition doesn’t quite compare.


Valheim meme

It’s not my fault that my friends are ambitious and have five side projects going at once.

This is why it takes me forever to get anything done, a spider web of side projects I can’t resist from valheim

The great thing about Valheim is that time is an illusion and it owns your life the second you load it up.


this game is a time machine from valheim

Sure, the plains doesn’t have rain but is it really worth the Deathsquitos and giant beasts?

I just can’t catch a break from valheim

It’s fair to say Cyberpunk 2077 and Valheim have about the same graphics, one just has fewer bugs.


Valheim meme

These are some of the best Valheim memes we could find today. The Viking RPG has blown up on Twitch and everywhere else online, and there are bound to be more great memes out there. Every day the community posts new jokes, stories, builds, and helpful tips on staying alive. Make sure to head over to r/Valheim for all the latest Valheim memes and community buildings.

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