CES 2021 wrap up – All the cool new gaming tech reveals you shouldn’t miss

Back and more virtual than ever

CES 2021 wrapped up yesterday, and while it had to be held online due to obvious reasons, it had no shortage of cool gaming related reveals and concepts.

Razer – the most gamer company of all time

So, Razer made a face mask. It’s not your run of the mill mask either, Project Hazel is a surgical grade N95 mask with plenty of features. For starters it amplifies your voice, but it also has active ventilation, and also comes with a UV-Light sterilization case. It sports a transparent front and RGB lights too. No, I’m unfortunately not joking.

I’m ragging on it, but the lights may actually be pretty helpful. They’re meant to aid communication in low light situations, so that people can still see your face and mouth clearly.

Project Hazel | World's Smartest Mask

Keeping in line with being a gaming company, they’ve also debuted a gaming throne worthy of your kingdom – or gamer-cave. Project Brooklyn is a concept gaming-chair crossed with a transformer. The chair features a rollout 60” surround display, modular armrests, haptic feedback – RGB of course – and more.  You may remember last year’s CES where we mentioned the Predator Thronos. Well, Razer throwing their hat in the ring may bring more mainstream attention to chair-based gaming setups in the future.

Asus’ virtual demo space

ROG Citadel XV – sounds like a Civilization-style empire building strategy game right? Wrong. ROG Citadel XV is actually an FPS game disguising Asus/Republic of Gamers virtual showroom. The game lets you take a tour through various ROG gaming products with your tour guide – Omni. As showrooms go, this is probably the coolest one I’ve ever seen – and it’s free to boot. While CES may be virtual this year, Asus takes it one step further.

A Car-gaming hub?

While just a concept for now, Samsung’s digital cockpit sports a 49” QLED display which could theoretically be used for gaming. Yeah, as of now it sounds dangerous to be playing video games in your car, I get it. Keep in mind that these are potentially for automated cars. So while you may be able to catch some dubs while driving in the future – you may have to wait a while.

Digital Cockpit 2021 (Short version)

Otterbox mobile gaming accessories

Otterbox is mostly known as the brand that provides you ultimate smart-device protection with thick cases and hard covers. Now, they’re pushing into the gaming market with accessories for phones and controllers. This new gamer-focused series sees Otterbox releasing new Easy Grip cases for phones, hard shells for Xbox controllers and more. While the shells aren’t the prettiest thing, they’ll surely keep your expensive controllers protected after a particularly rage-filled gaming session.

The product line comes out of a partnership with Microsoft, who recently acquired Bethesda. I’m personally waiting for the Elder Scrolls VI branded controller case myself.

Haptic vests

Virtual Reality and other forms of immersive gaming are on the rise. Haptic vests have been in the works for a while now, but bHaptics promises a next-level experience with the TactSuit. There are two versions of the TactSuit – the X16 and the X40. The X16 is priced at $299 with 16 vibration points and the X40 with – you guessed it – 40 vibration points. And don’t worry if you buy it as there’s already over 50 games compatible with the TactSuits.

The TacSuit starts shipping in February and – if you’re into it – bHaptics also makes haptic devices for other parts of your body too. I understand wanting the immersion, but I don’t particularly know if I want to feel getting shot as I’m getting shot.

And that’s it for this round of CES gaming tech! While we’ve only detailed gaming-related items here, CES 2021 had lots of tech to show off so I suggest checking it out! We’ll see you next year for CES 2022.

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