Crusader Kings III’s Lifestyles system is more complex than my real life

I’m late to the party again, and I haven’t been paying enough attention to the development of Crusader Kings III, even though I’m looking forward to the game. Their latest dev diary from Jan. 14 caught my attention in a big way, however. It detailed the game’s Lifestyles system, which is something I am personally very excited about.

Lifestyles in Crusader Kings III will apparently have little in common with CK2. The system has been improved, including things like skill trees! There are going to be five Lifestyle categories, and each category will contain three full skill trees. You first choose the Lifestyle you want and then select a Focus. Pretty cool, in my opinion. Each focus has a unique series of events that are tied to its theme.

Some of the focuses that will be coming out in CK3.

Paradox Interactive have also added experience! Experience unlocks perks, which decide character bonuses. How awesome is that?! It means I’ll be able to tailor my next king or queen in CK3 to suit my needs specifically, and really get into their story.

Sadly, they have not added immortality yet. I guess maybe in CK4, right? Anyway, there are different ways to earn experience, passively or actively. And there’s mention of secret, hidden special modifiers and events if you play your character right…

Crusader Kings III - Announcement Trailer - An Heir is Born

My favorite thing about this is that Lifestyles and perks tie back into your character’s childhood. What sort of education did they get? That’ll set a predisposition for the entire rest of their existence. And, unlike in real life, you could theoretically pick any lifestyle you wanted.

And another thing, you guys! If you’ve not participated in Monarch’s Journey and unlocked some cool stuff for CK3, I’d start now! The add-ons are just cosmetic but, I mean… you know, I’ll do anything to get cool stuff in a game.

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