Everything new coming to Albion Online in 2021

2020 has been a great year for Albion, with its countless patches and updates. The player base was pretty good back in 2019, but this year, the player base increased even further. And as the year is close to ending, it’s time to discuss everything new coming to Albion Online in 2021.

Faction Warfare changes

According to game director Robin Henkys, 2021 will bring players an entirely new Faction Warfare feature to Albion Online. This feature is set to revolutionize the open world, meaning players will have a lot more stuff to do on the road.

Hellgate improvement

Hellgates are already a part of our Albion life, but in 2021, we’ll get a more balanced experience, as the game developers are working to make Hellgates more fair and approachable and rewarding for small-scale PvP players.


2021 is bringing a feature many have been longing for: Loadouts. Loadouts will allow players to save, share and even quick-equip item sets on their character, which will save up a lot of precious time.

Everything new coming to Albion Online in 2021

UI improvements

Albion Online will suffer a few changes in terms of design, as the developer’s goal is to improve the visual quality whilst reducing pointless dead ends and layouts.

The world map will also be updated to display more information on ongoing activities.

Game systems

If you thought the Destiny Board needed an upgrade, then rejoice, because it’s finally going to happen. We’ll be getting an expansion of options on the Destiny Board, and a visual improvement on it as well.

Players will also get new Trade contracts, allowing them to trade silver for item delivery.

Finally, crafting legendary items will leave a permanent mark on the world, though I’m still not sure how this will be done.

Combat improvement

We are getting new mounts in 2021, and every Albion Online mount, of every type and tier, will be getting their own spells and abilities, making them more useful in battle. There is also to be an expansion of equipment available to players.

Other goals

Albion Online’s dev team has also promised to try their best to make some much needed castle improvements, from siege equipment to defensive structures, mob improvement, and some more content for the Roads of Avalon.

Special content

PvE players, I’ve got good news for you: Albion Online is bringing new quests and lore to keep you entertained. And if you are wondering whether these quests are worth doing, then know that there will be special collectible rewards waiting for you.

Everything new coming to Albion Online in 2021

Guild news

Guild leaders will also be enjoying new features, like increased guild management features and special hideouts.

Albion Academy

This is the absolute best part from the planned 2021 Albion Online changes. I love the game, but I feel like it really isn’t very noob friendly; luckily, that is all going to change. From now on, new players will get to take part in a new program, the Albion Academy, in which the goal is to teach the fundamentals of the game.

These are the main expected changes for Albion in 2021, but I’m sure there will be a lot more surprises along the way.

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