Everything we want to see in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 3

People have been talking about Garden Warfare 3 since 2018, when EA first started hinting at it. They didn’t announce anything specific until August 2019, when closed testing of an unnamed project began, with strong hints pointing at it being Garden Warfare 3.

Their 2019 Q3 financial report indicated they expect to release another Plants vs Zombies title before the end of the fiscal year – which is in April 2020. Nothing is known for sure yet, and for now we only have expectations. Oh, and this wishlist for everything we want in Garden Warfare 3, whenever it happens to come out.

(And before you ask, no, we don’t count Battle for Neighborville.)

Garden Warfare 3 wishlist

More variants and better balance

In the last game there were 6 classes among the zombies and another 6 classes among the plants. Each class had at least 7 variants, which seems like a huge number when you first think about it, when in reality this basically means nothing. The meta never changed and thus, some variants were way too OP and everyone played them. They were over-used and got boring after a while.

With the next Garden Warfare game, EA either needs to switch up the meta every once in a while so all characters and their variants are played consistently, or they have to create more skins. I would honestly prefer the latter, as I main the Sunflower and it gets really dull after a while, even with 7 variants.

Have a queue timer

The eastern European servers tend to be awful in every single game, because we have the least amount of players. In Garden Warfare 2, that was a constant problem. I got into a multiplayer game, it loaded and threw me into an empty match. “Waiting for other players”. I appreciate that I can run around and practice my shots, but I never had a clue how long I was supposed to wait.

All it would need is a simple “Estimated time in queue: X” and let me run around in my own backyard. That way I could at the very least gain some XP while killing zombies, and maybe have a little bit of fun. Also, I wouldn’t wait around if I know that the queue time is more than 5 minutes. Because honestly, screw that.

Garden Warfare 3 wishlist

Battle Royale mode

Just to preface this: the studio did tell Polygon a while back that they can’t have a battle royale mode. But one can hope. I know, every game has a battle royale mode, nowadays, but in my opinion it would look amazing in Garden Warfare 3. With a huge variety of playable characters and great map design, EA has the potential to create a pretty good family friendly battle royale game.

Although, if such a mode would be introduced, then they would need to moderate the game harshly. If they succeed at that, dare I say, it would be less toxic than any other game. It would certainly need some dedication, but I think the developers are proud of how family friendly this franchise is, and would like to keep it that way.

More things to do in the backyard

Right now, we can only do some quests and defend the flag. Oh, and of course, either kill zombies of plants, whichever you like more. But in all honesty, this isn’t all that much. I would love to have more things to do around the backyard in Garden Warfare 3, or be able to take away the territory of zombies.

And we might actually get that, if we go by what the Android alpha looks like. We might be able to upgrade the backyard and even have permanent elements.

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