How to level up fast in Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Welcome to the ultimate quick guide on how to level up fast in Zombie Army 4: Dead War! In this article, we are going to explore the best way to speed up your leveling. It’s short and simple, so lets dive right in!

Combo multiplier

The best way to level up fast in Zombie Army 4 is to make the most out of the combo multiplier. Whenever you fight zombie waves, a combo multiplier will appear on the screen. In order to get it to rise, you will have to defeat the waves. Simply put, the more waves you defeat, the higher your combo multiplier score will be.

How to level up fast in Zombie Army 4: Dead War

A lot of players pay no attention to it, very likely because they do not understand the meaning of a high combo multiplier. You will always want to get a high score, and to keep it going for as long as possible, as that can potentially give you over 50 times the experience you would normally get. That’s right, 50 times!

And if you want to increase that score as fast as possible, then use items that lead to multiple simultaneous kills, like frag grenades.


Another way to increase your experience points faster pace, is equipping perks that allow more combo points and boost.

How to level up fast in Zombie Army 4: Dead War

When you access the Perks menu, just choose between the Combo King, Combo Boost and Combo Extension. The last two will even ensure that you start the wave-fighting sessions with a higher combo multiplier score, and they also increase the combo timer!

If you really just want to focus on leveling up and don’t care about the other perks, then you might even want to combine all three perks.

And that’s all there is to it! I told you it was going to be a short one. I hope this guide helps you in your apocalyptic journey! Check out my other Zombie Army 4 articles, on combat and starting the game as a beginner!

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