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Surge is the newest Brawler to join Brawl Stars. He is the second Chromatic Brawler to be added, the first being Gale. Rocking a 3-part Super, Surge brings new mechanics to the game. Here is how his kit works, and some tips for playing him.

Surge’s kit

Attack: Juice of Justice is a straight line skill shot that breaks into two projectiles upon hitting an enemy. The projectile split is buffed by the third rank of the super. His attack has a similar aim path as Piper and Brock.

Super: The super Party Tricks has a fairly fast charge rate, due to the fact that it takes three super charges to get to max rank. Rank 1 boosts movement speed, Rank 2 boosts attack range, and Rank 3 allows your attack to split into 6 projectiles. The super does AOE damage upon landing as well, and you can use it for that purpose after reaching max rank.

Gadget: Power Surge can be used to teleport a short distance. Surge is invulnerable while teleporting, and the teleport can pass over terrain.

Star Power: To the Max! causes Surge’s attack to split even if it does not come into contact with an enemy. This can happen at its max range, or when coming into contact with a wall.

Tips on using Surge in Brawl Stars

Surge’s abilities are pretty flexible and can be used with varying degree of effectiveness depending on your timing and aim. For example, Party Tricks can be used to avoid damage completely if cast at the right time. Power Surge makes a great gap closer to finish off low Brawlers, but can also be used defensively to reposition. And To the Max! combined with Rank 3 of the Super allows Surge to deal more damage if he does not hit his target.

Surge may not be the strongest Brawler, but he can hold his own against most other names on the current cast of Brawl Stars. He definitely brings new and unique mechanics that we haven’t seen before in the game.

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