Is Star Wars: Squadrons better with controller or keyboard and mouse?

Star Wars: Squadrons is a solid space flying experience that pulls together the best of its predecessors. With first person controls and an interactive cockpit, Squadrons doesn’t leave much for the imagination. However one question still stands: is Star Wars: Squadrons better on controller or keyboard and mouse?

Keyboard and mouse

KBM is what I use to play most games nowadays. But Squadrons just didn’t feel right. I felt that base controls were fairly spread out. I know that the communication menu bound to 6 doesn’t have much use outside of the main story, but often times I felt myself having to look down at my keyboard to click a button.

Another thing I was not a fan of was the pitch and yaw controls on the mouse. A small drag gives you a slight turn, while a longer pull gives you a deeper turn. With that being so, it takes a steady hand to maintain a straight line of flight. At the beginning of story missions and fleet battles, I found it hard to maintain a solid formation with my squad.


I used an Xbox One controller to play Squadrons. Thrusters being bound to forward and back of the analog stick, it gave a solid feeling of being in control. Compared to KBM, I didn’t feel the urge to look down to confirm my hand placement. Also pulling the trigger to fire your Ion Cannon felt more akin to pulling the trigger on a flight stick. Playing with a controller just felt more consistent when it came to controlling my starship and tracking down targets.


Overall Star Wars: Squadrons feels a lot better with a controller. This may be because I grew up playing other flight games – like Star Wars: Rogue Squadron and Star Wars: Starfighter – on controller. Nostalgia or not, Squadrons feels more fluid on controller, and creates an overall better feeling experience. The twin sticks provide precise controls without overwhelming you with dedicated hand positioning.

What are you playing Star Wars: Squadrons on? Lets us know in the comments below! And stick around with SQUAD for more Star Wars: Squadrons content and guides!

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