Nintendo Switch-inspired designs dominate CES 2020

Heavily inspired? You be the judge

CES 2020 is coming to a close, and we at SQUAD had fun covering some of the most interesting concepts and products from the showcase. We also happened to notice that quite a few of the CES 2020 products seem to resemble the Nintendo Switch. Just in case it’s not noticeable enough, let’s take another look.

The Razer Kishi

The Razer Kishi was unveiled at Razer’s CES booth. It’s a controller with the ability to be used as one unit, or be split into two for attachment to either side of your phone. The controller on it’s own is representative of the Switch’s Joy-Cons. Adding your phone in the middle for gaming means you basically have a (weaker) Switch. The controllers are a great idea for games like Fortnite and PUBG mobile, giving you an advantage over the enemy on their lacklustre on-screen controls.

Razer Kishi

And speaking of a mobile-phone version of the Switch…

Black Shark 2 Pro

Featuring 12gb’s of RAM, 256gb’s of internal storage and liquid cooling, the Black Shark 2 Pro is the most GAMER phone you can get. It has a 4000mAh battery with quick charging, a fingerprint scanner and haptic feedback as well.

The phone itself comes with two controllers that attach to either side of it; sound familiar? If I’m being honest, the phone is actually pretty impressive. I can’t speak to the efficiency of water-cooling a phone, but it does come with some pretty cool features. 

  • “Shark Space” which looks kind of like Steam’s Big Picture mode as a gaming hub.
  • A drop down game dock which allows the user to clear ram, set do not disturb, optimize the phone and more.
  • “Ludicrous mode” because you can’t get enough frames in PUBG mobile
  • Rgb lights?
  • AND THE ABILITY TO CONNECT TO YOUR TV – the only feature I care about because of my garbage eyes.
  • The dual controllers can also be connected to form one, weirdly inverse controller.

Performance-wise I’m sure the phone holds up, but how serious are you really when it comes to mobile games?

Concept UFO

Concept UFO is my favorite of the three. It’s a handheld gaming PC from Alienware, and actually seems pretty damn powerful. I mean, imagine trying to run AAA PC titles on a device as small and slim as a tablet. The controllers follow suit with our other examples. From everything else from CES 2020 that we brought up, this device looks the most like a Switch. Hardware-wise, it’s an incredible achievement. You can connect it to a TV or portable monitor for a larger screen to play on. 

Announcement photo for Concept UFO from Dell x Alienware

Being a full Windows system means you’re not just gaming, you can do anything you would on a normal PC on this thing. Pack up a mouse and keyboard if need be because you won’t need that gaming laptop anymore. Utilizing USB-C technology makes this even more versatile that it already was. I said this before and I’m saying it again. It’s unoriginal, but not unimpressive.

Why go after that design?

Now don’t get me wrong, there’s a really good reason that the Switch’s design is so popular. The console has absolutely taken off since its release in early 2017. The controllers are incredibly versatile and easy to use, and the option for handheld or full screen play is awesome.

It’s really no wonder so many companies have taken advantage of these designs. Keeping the tech familiar makes it easier to pick up, and more recognizable too. Ultimately it’s up to Nintendo if the designs are close enough to be an issue. In my opinion, whether inspired or straight up trying to take advantage, the devices each do enough to stand up on their own.

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