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While a player can control their performance in game, they can’t always control how their body performs. The right gaming accessories can give players that helping hand to keep them playing at peak levels. Woe is the player that has a finger slip off the joystick because they get too sweaty. While some of the items listed below aren’t exclusive to gaming, these odd gaming accessories have practicality pertaining to keeping players where they belong: in front of their screen.

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Electronic backpack

Playing a game of Hearthstone or Legends of Runeterra on your phone is risky when you’re low on power. Most rational players would find a charging station to plug in, but some don’t have the facilities nearby, or the patience to find a port to charge their phone. Our first item is for all the gamers that don’t mind looking like a turtle if it means they can keep playing on the go.

This electronic backpack can be fitted with a charger to juice your laptop or phone, or both simultaneously. Never fear losing power as long as you’re kitted with this office on wheels. With plenty of pockets to keep organized, a player can mobilize a fair chunk of their gaming setup, as long as they have the strength to lug it all on their back. While it advertises 20L worth of storage space, it should be without saying that the bag shouldn’t be filled with Mountain Dew.

Gaming glasses

Any gamer knows that eyestrain exists. Parents weren’t lying when they said that staring at a screen all day could damage your eyes. Too much blue light exposure contributes to macular degeneration, which basically leads to vision loss.

You can’t really game if you can’t see, so why not take precautions by investing into some anti-blue light gaming glasses? By filtering out the blue light, it might add to years of healthy vision by reducing the strain of your constant gaming. You’ll look like a nerd, but you’re playing video games in self-isolation, so who are you really trying to impress?

gaming accessory glasses


Shout out to all the lazy people who refuse to furnish their bachelor pads and opt for a lapdesk. This weird investment sacrifices the storage and stability of a proper desk for portability. It might seem reasonable on paper, but don’t go crying when you knock over your Mountain Dew all over your keyboard and mouse. This is also one of the worst things for posture, so make sure to get up and stretch often.

Finger sleeves

Mobile gaming is a different animal since it doesn’t use hardware to control actions within the game. Fingers generate sweat and oil that may block the touch screen from registering a precise placement for a desired action. FPS games take one mistake to get killed, and fat-fingering a mobile card game can mess up your gosu strats. Finger sleeves aid players that err more towards the moist side of the spectrum while gaming, helping avoid those common sweaty slip-ups.

Unrelated: What’s weirder looking? Finger sleeves or fingerless gloves? Why not slap some Velcro on a glove so that you can place or remove just the tip on demand?

Gaming gloves

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy. There’s vomit on his sweater already, mom’s spaghetti.” – the word of the immortal bard Eminem a.k.a Marshall Mathers a.k.a Slim Shady a.k.a The Real Slim Shady a.k.a Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith. Gaming gloves will address only one specific issue Eminem lists above. Making mom’s spaghetti can be an arduous task for those who don’t possess the proper culinary skills.

In all seriousness though, sweaty palms can be uncomfortable when gripping a controller. Gaming gloves can give the players a feel for the buttons while allowing them to keep a proper grip on the controller. This investment can keep your play style sweaty and your hardware dry.

gaming accessory gloves

Finger weights

If your fingers lack the strength and dexterity to play for countless hours, you might need to start lifting. Finger weights are a niche product with multi-purpose usage for music, sports, and even gaming. While not as glamorous as painting your nails, these odd gaming accessories could most likely increase your APM which positively impacts your in-game performance. At worst, it might make carrying your groceries a little easier.


Tournaments are out of control. Please take care of your hygiene. Deodorant is hardly a gaming accessory, but definitely a gaming necessity.

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