ROG’s bezel-free kit – is this upgrade for you?

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Do you run a multi-monitor setup to enhance your gaming experience or productivity? If those pesky bezels are too annoying for your eyes, ROG has the fix with their new Bezel-free kit.

It uses thin lenses to bend the light and make it look like the gap between monitors has been bridged. It leaves behind a weird effect in the bridged space, but it may be something your brain can gloss over quickly. The massive clips on the bottom though, may be a little harder to get your mind off of. That, and the $100+ price tag may make for a bit of an uncomfortable time getting your money’s worth. 

It definitely seems to help in the immersion department. It makes sense if you’re running a multi-monitor setup for gaming across multiple screens. But if you don’t already have your monitors, then you may be better off buying a curved ultrawide over the bezel-free kit.

Samsung's new gaming monitor
The Samsung Odyssey G9 ultrawide would feel a lot smoother with its curve than three monitors with the bezel kit.

ROG has been killing it since CES 2020 with all the new developments they’ve unveiled, especially in the monitor department. With all the new products they’ve shown off in the past few months, it’s shaping up to be a good year for gamers, courtesy of Asus.

But like every new product, we need to look at who this is useful for. Products like this pertain to a very specific group of people focused on aesthetics and immersion. I can’t complain honestly because when I heard about this I wanted to jump at the chance. I then realized my monitors are in a triangle formation and it wouldn’t work at all because they’re all different. But for those like me, who love having their aesthetic shine through — literally in my case — this would be a great thing to have in your setup. 

I spent way more money than I want to admit to on RGB lighting and control. In the process I became a Corsair fanboy, and have moved on Rainmeter and Wallpaper engine to further my customization. If you give your builds looks the same amount of care I do, you’ll probably love the bezel-free kit. 

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