Skyrim re-releases – why do they keep happening?

Same game, different year

Re-releasing a game can usually go one of two ways. It can be welcomed by the game’s community and adopted by new players who didn’t get to play it the first time. Or it can end up getting absolutely trashed online and looked at as a money-grab by players. Skyrim re-releases tend to fall in the second group. So why do people still buy them?

It’s a pretty good question really. Bethesda keeps re-releasing Skyrim in new ways and people keep hating on them, and making fun of them. 

Skyrim re-release

At this point, Skyrim is 30% meme and 70% game. Everyone knows the memes; people playing Skyrim on their fridges, getting knocked out and waking up in the back of a carriage. Oh, and who can forget the classic “God damn it Todd Howard you’ve done it again.”

However, realistically, all Skyrim’ re-releases have made sense. Each platform has a version of The Elder Scrolls V; last gen, current gen, PC and even Nintendo Switch. Most if not all platforms have a special edition and VR edition as well. 

Consider that Skyrim originally released nearly a decade ago. The fact that it’s still being played today, and that it keeps coming back, is a testament to the quality of the game. If you have a winning formula on your hands, re-releasing it aggressively is a valid strategy. We had all seen Spiderman about 4 different ways when Marvel pitched the movie again in 2017, and we collectively said “yes, please.”

Skyrim re-releases

Too many secrets, not enough time

I have spent probably over 1000 hours in Skyrim, and loved every minute of it. It is one of the games that earned Bethesda such high praise in the past. Nowadays, that reputation is a little less respected, but back in the day they were the top of the chain for open world RPG’s. They may have even been responsible for further opening the door for open world games. 

It’s incredible that nearly 10 years later, players are still finding new things in Skyrim. Open world games are so expansive that it really makes you wonder what players are still missing out on in newer titles. I mean, if there are still secrets just now being uncovered in Skyrim, imagine what we haven’t found in games like Breath of the Wild, The Witcher 3, or even Grand Theft Auto V.

With so many new ways to play and so many platforms to play on, it’s no wonder Skyrim re-releases keep coming out. Regardless of its age, there are still new players coming to the game. And with mods, there will always be more content to explore and enjoy in the world of Skyrim

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