The 3 online games with the most cheaters

All video games have cheaters. We know that, and we hate it. Some games have so many cheaters, hackers and exploit-users, they add up to a considerable percentage of the overall playerbase.

Today we’ll go over the games with the biggest cheater problem.  We have excluded Watch Dogs from this list, since they would rank first with a 100% hacker rate.

Here are the 3 games with the most cheaters. Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone will be surprised by the names on this list.

Cheaters in Counter Strike Global Offensive

1. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

This one is probably obvious, especially to anyone who plays CS:GO. We have covered the subject of  cheaters in CS:GO before, and we probably will again, again and again for years.

The game is notorious for it’s infestation. You can barely get into a match of CS:GO without running into cheaters. And even though Valve is trying their best to combat this problem, they haven’t been able to solve it. Things naturally got worse since the game went free-to-play.

The most common thing people do in CS:GO is using aimbots. These are fairly easy to detect and thus, these players get banned pretty soon, but unfortunately, since the game is free, account bans are just a temporary solution. Cheaters just register a new account and start getting into games, using the same arsenal of cheap tricks. And they annoy the hell out of the rest of us.

Cheaters in GTA V

2. GTA V

Another very popular game that is absolutely infested with cheaters is Grand Theft Auto V. You would think that Rockstar would want to knock these people down a notch, especially since they are so obvious about their doings, but apparently not.

I think everyone should’ve expected this when GTA V went free (even if that only lasted a short while).

Thankfully though, most of these cheaters are fairly benign. They stand around, waiting for money so they don’t have to grind through quests to be able to get a decent money-making business. I honestly don’t mind these guys, they are just lazy.

The real problem are the other type of GTA V cheaters. There are quite a few people who set up a bounty hunter and an aimbot, then go AFK. This is way more annoying.

Cheaters in PUBG

3. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

I was actually a bit surprised at this one, since I expected to see Fortnite having way more cheaters when it comes to battle royale games. But apparently not. PUBG doesn’t have as big of a development team, and they simply don’t put enough resources into anti-cheat systems to full combat the infestation. As a result, the game is currently ridden with cheaters.

Once again, we are talking about a shooter game so the main problem is the ton of people who use aimbots. This make it impossible to play, and I have enough experience to be able to say that they can be found on all platforms and ranks. The mobile version doesn’t seem to have as many cheaters, thankfully, but there are still a enough to occasionally make the game pretty frustrating.

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