The 4 worst ghosts to deal with in Phasmophobia

Walking into the unknown is spooky. But sometimes you realize that ignorance is bliss, and the reality is worse than you could imagine. In Phasmophobia, there are Ghosts most players want no business with. All Ghosts are homicidal, but some are more brutal than others. We check out the 4 worst ghosts to deal with in Phasmophobia.


Once you get the hang of Phasmophobia, it can sometimes turn into a bit of a joke. The pursuits will turn into snail’s pace game of tag, with the Ghost getting confused running around a kitchen island. 

That’s not the case with the Revenant. This ghost is a homing missile beelining it straight for that nice looking neck of yours. When the journal says the Revenant is fast, it means fast. Players don’t realize the severity of it until they’re ghosts themselves, watching as their teammates try to run from the Ghost version of Usain Bolt. Just do yourself a favor and hide.

Remember: It can switch targets during a Hunt.

Revenants are terrifying from PhasmophobiaGame


The Demon is probably the worst ghost to deal with on a conversational level in Phasmophobia. You could ask it how its day was and the Demon will still say “Die.” It’s only game, why you have to be mad?

Pleasantries aside, the Demon sucks. You can walk into a Professional location at full Sanity and have the Demon immediately trigger a Hunt. Finding evidence is also an absolute crapshoot with the Demon, since it might not cooperate with you. Ghost Writing and Spirit Box are the most hit-and-miss Evidence pieces to find, since the Ghost won’t always interact with the Ghost Writing Book or Spirit Box.

All that considered, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to call the Demon one of the worst ghosts, if not the very worst, in Phasmophobia.


The speed with which the Yurei drops your Sanity is infuriating. If there ever was a good reason to include ghost-killing equipment in Phasmophobia, it’s this ghost. It is actually bananas that the Yurei can trigger Hunt after Hunt because you’re at 0% Sanity after little to no time spent in a location. How’s any player supposed to get any work done like this? The Yurei is more annoying than scary.


You’ll know exactly what kind of Ghost you’re dealing with if you find a teammate dead in a closet. Safety is non-existent when you’re dealing with the Wraith. Sure, Salt is great to ward it off for the most part. As soon as that condiment is used up, you’re done.

The Wraith can phase through doors and walls, and will almost never touch the ground. Wraith is also an aggressive Ghost in Phasmophobia, so work quick and efficiently, before you’re forced to hide in a locker, praying for safe passage.

Which ghost do you hate the most? Wraiths for me… from PhasmophobiaGame

Don’t take this list as gospel, since realistically all the Ghosts are the worst. Even the easy ones suck. The Shade will almost never show its face unless you’re alone and taunting it constantly. The Spirit is super vanilla and boring. Just remember to move with purpose, hide when the flashlight flickers, and not mess around too much on your ghost hunting adventures.

Stick around for more Phasmophobia tips and guides!

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