The best places to find free games on PC

Attention: Gamers on a budget!

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, but it doesn’t need to be. There are plenty of sites and subscriptions that reward players with free games. PC gaming is arguably cheaper in the long run if you’re an avid gamer. Here’s where to look for free games on PC.

Free games websites

These websites are run independently from developers and studios. HumbleBundle is particularly unique because a portion of their sales gets donated to charity. The site is also a starting place for newer gamers looking to build their library. Free games are also given away during their spring, summer, fall, and winter sales.

Reddit isn’t a place to claim free games, but they post links to the places that are giving them away for free. If you have your finger on the pulse of the websites and stores, chances are you’ve already seen most of the giveaways.

Indiexpo, Game Jolt, and are sites that sell and give away indie games. They are a good place to find unreleased games, early builds, prototypes, and even concept pitches.


These storefronts and client stores frequently have giveaways or free-to-play games. Epic Games Store, Origin, and UPlay house their own personal libraries for players to purchase, or snag a free copy of some iconic older PC games.

The Epic Games Store in particular has a free game or two available every Thursday for a limited time.

League of Legends Personality
League of Legends – Free PC game royalty

Subscription services

Subscriptions aren’t the same as free games, but they provide a broader access to libraries across multiple platforms. Xbox Game Pass is available for PC, and is crossplay-enabled for most games. EA Play Pro and UPlay+ serve the same purpose with less of a catalog, letting subscribed players have unlimited access to the available games without having to fully purchase.

And Humble Bundle lumps packages of popular games for heavily discounted prices.

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