The Last of Us Part 2 spookiest enemies ranked

Make sure to play this game with empty bowels

The Last of Us 2 is a grim revenge tale that follows up on Joel’s selfish “heroics” in the first game. While some people get too introspective and pretentious by stating the scariest characters might be themselves (they’re not and you need to chill), we’re going to take a look at the full roster of The Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies that players will come across.

Spoilers ahead, this is your last warning.

Washington Liberation Front/WLF/Wolves

This faction could be argued to be the main antagonists for the first half of the game. The Washington Liberation Front is a society built on the rebellion that overthrew FEDRA (Federal Disaster Response Agency). They’ve developed their own civilization in Seattle and are often at war with the Seraphites. Long story short, they’re just some regular looking people with guns. Easily the lowest entry on a The Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies list.

1/10 spooky

2/10 if you’re afraid of dogs

0.5/10 if you like dogs and feel horrible for killing them RIP Alice

the last of us 2 alice


This gang of thugs runs Santa Barbara. They enslave stragglers and keep infected as “pets”. There’s not too much to write about since they’re a part of such a small portion of the game. They’re barely “scarier” than the WLF because of their brutal lifestyle. The Rattlers are also slightly more armored than the rest of the enemies in this game. Still a yawn at this point. Credit still goes to The Pillars though, pretty gnarly stuff.

1.5/10 spooky

the last of us 2 rattlers

Brutes (Seraphites)

The brutes are just bigger and tankier enemies Seraphites. They wield massive weapons and generally make the player fight unarmed. Beating these enemies is easy once you get the dodge timing down. They also only have one minor jump scare: kicking Ellie through a door. Watching Lev getting tackled was also kind of shocking, but also funny because of the size difference, too.

Brutes have a boss quality about them, so they aren’t to be taken lightly. These hulking beasts would be a lot scarier if they all looked like the one guy you fight on The Island. Also, the female Brute is body goals for those who lift.

2/10 spooky

the last of us 2 brute


On The Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies list, these annoying infected enemies are low in the spook-hierarchy. Players can generally find these runners not running, instead roaming around halls or rooms while crying or making some other unsettling noises.

The only time Runners get problematic is when a horde of them starts wailing on the player, biding enough time for a Clicker to show up. They’re not so much scary as they are stressful, because it takes only one to spot you sneaking around and calling up all their other infected buddies.

3.5/10 spooky

the last of us 2 scariest enemy runner


This is a spoiler. If you’re upset about reading this, you were literally warned in the first paragraph. You have nobody to blame but yourself. Stop reading the article if you’re going to cry seeing her on the list.

Ellie is a boss in The Last of Us 2. While her scrawny physique and adorkable face don’t scream spooky, The Confrontation drove my anxiety through the roof. Playing as Abby and picking up where Ellie’s story left off, players had to take on Ellie displaying the versatility of combat she’s learned over the years. Sneaking up on Ellie and beating her to a pulp seemed easy on paper, but the act wasn’t a stalk in the park. What made her scary was her ability to one-shot players if they got too close without being sneaky, getting gutted by her machete. She also creeps around like one of the Skulkers, and will be tipped off every time players accidentally bump into a noisy part of the environment.

Her drive to kill Abby was frightening, showing the wrath of somebody who’s lost it all. Ellie isn’t traditionally spooky, but the situtation as a whole made this scene one of the scariest missions in the game. No matter how incorrect and salty you may be about any of The Last of Us 2 drama, I wouldn’t blame you for sacrificing Abby to Ellie multiple times just to make her pay for killing Joel. If you’re upset about me spoiling that too, you’re a glutton for punishment and you might as well watch a playthrough video.

4/10 spooky

ellie tlou2 boss


Clickers were the poster monsters for The Last of Us as the main scary enemies. Hunting through echolocation, these advanced infected beings can one-shot anyone they can get their mouth on. While they were terrifying in the first game, they seem to have lost a step as other infected took the spotlight. It’s sad they’ve taken a hit on the Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies list since they were arguably the scariest and toughest enemy in the first game.

8/10 spooky The Last of Us

5/10 spooky The Last of Us 2

the last of us 2 scariest enemies clickers


These chonky infected enemies are new to the series, acting as a Bloater-mini. Hardly miniature in stature, these walking bombs lunge at players, detonating themselves to release spores causing serious damage. They also have the ability to cause an area of effect attack, throwing a spore bomb at the player from a distance. This bomb causes damage and clouds the vision of the player, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from other infected beings.

They’re scary since their stature is intimidating, their attacks affect your sight, and sometimes it’s easier to run away from them. However, it’s hard to be utterly terrified of such a slow creature.

6/10 spooky

tlou2 shambler


This is when the list gets a little more on the uneasy side. The Seraphites, or Scars as the WLF like to call them, have a particular culty vibe. The Seraphites often refer to their leader as a prophet performing miracles, and pray to her to be blessed in their everyday actions. Unfortunately, most of these everyday actions the player sees are the Seraphites praying for strength to kill and disembowel their enemies.

May she guide me through the storm. May she keep me calm.”

These are by far the spookiest humans in The Last of Us 2. Their means of communication through whistling, their stealthy movement, the variety of weapons they use, and their demeanor make them an imposing force. It’s almost as though they mirror Ellie’s skill set, which makes it terrifyingly stressful to deal with them. If infected didn’t rule this game, it wouldn’t be an unreasonable suggestion to have them near the top of this list.

7/10 spooky

the last of us 2 seraphites


These are the classic juggernaut bosses The Last of Us fans remember. Unfortunately, Bloaters only make two (three depending on your definition) appearances in The Last of Us 2, but they’re terrifying nonetheless. They are the apex predators of this post apocalyptic world, and have the major primary trait of each infected enemy. They sprint like Runners, sometimes one-shot you like Clickers, throw spore bombs like Shamblers, and have a health pool and extra armor like no other. These beasts are a test of timing, skill, environmental knowledge, and fortitude. Bloaters even get a little help from their friends, using Runners as a  speed bump to close the gap to Ellie.

The whole encounter is a scary experience. The feeling is amplified since you’re often low on health, health packs, ammo, or all three when you finally run into one. The crashing and banging leaves a trail of chaos, and they don’t stay staggered for too long when they hit the end of their charging path. Bloaters get spooky points for their initial entrance, appearance, size, noise, and ability to bring friends. Also kudos to Naughty Dog for not using Bloaters as the major boss for every area. Made it feel like a treat to get pummeled by these behemoths.

8/10 spooky

the last of us 2 scariest enemies


These are the kings and queens of cheap scares. Stalkers top our The Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies list by showing up when you least expect them, and being a giant pain in whatever sensitive body part you’re most uncomfortable with. With a new face-lift between the two installments, these enemies enjoy taking to the shadows and lurking behind cover, waiting for the perfect moment to ambush. They aren’t particularly strong health- or armor-wise, and their attacks are barely stronger than runners’, but don’t underestimate their agility. What makes them terrifying is that they now attack in hordes, pop out of walls, don’t register in listen mode, can parry attacks, and run on their hands and feet like primates.

It’s a safe bet to kill Stalkers with a shotgun, but ammo’s scarce and there’s usually half a dozen Stalkers around. It’s also not unreasonable to take a hard sprint to the exit to avoid fighting them completely. Their screams are shrill and they look close enough to clickers that you won’t want to get close to them physically. The only time where they lose a bit of edge scare-wise is when you can fully see them peeking from around a corner, waiting for the player to get closer.

Also, The Descent leading into the Hospital might have been the tensest hour of gameplay, and Stalkers only have themselves to blame for their transgressions.

10/10 spooky and they can all die

The Last of Us 2 scariest enemies stalker

Rat King

Whoever on the Naughty Dog team decided to Google “Rat King” and then ideated this monstrosity deserves a raise. The Rat King is an abomination of infected beings being merged into one big clump of scary. This is the debatable Bloater, upping the ante by giving the Rat King all the qualities of the Bloater while ensuring a one-shot kill on Abby. To make matters worse, when Abby pumps enough lead into the Rat King, it splits, creating a second Stalker boss that attacks at the worst times for the player. The noise from its confined room signaled to players that it would be a serious encounter, but I doubt many could have predicted the severity of the infected they were about to take on.

The Rat King also earns extra points for that introduction in Hospital. Bursting through that ambulance, running down those hallways, and getting in your business like that? A masterpiece. The grotesque look of its entirety, and later two split counterparts were probably the most intimidating thing to look at outside of Abby’s arms. The Rat King is the King of The Last of Us 2 spookiest enemies list!

12/10 spooky

The Last of Us 2 scariest enemies rat king

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