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The PlayStation 5 is bigger than these 5 things around my house

The PlayStation 5 is finally here and let me tell you, it’s big. Sony has developed the PlayStation 5 with a very unique design, and the signature shape comes with a distinct size. While being a powerhouse of a next-gen console, the hardware measures in at 15 x 3 x 10-inches.

Personally, I’m quite fond of how bold Sony went when the company designed the PlayStation 5. Though, the design has been divisive to some. The sheer size of the console has made countless players rethink and rearrange their media centres. Many are also torn on whether to place the console vertically or horizontally.

Rather than dissect the design and compare it to other consoles, I took a look at everyday household items to see how the size of the PlayStation 5 stacks up. Why? For science!

A box of Single Stuf Oreos

It only felt right to size up the PlayStation 5 next to an Oreo. Both are black and white and who doesn’t love an Oreo? Now, of course, an Oreo is going to be smaller than a PlayStation 5. A Single Stuf Oreo is only 5mm thick.

My research clearly needed to be pushed further, so I pushed it. I dedicated my efforts to learn that the PlayStation 5 is taller than a whole box of Single Stuf Oreos, stacked.

A cat

A little known fact about SQUAD is that we have a research division dedicated to humane animal studies. Or rather I would like us to, but in its absence we have my cat. In part 2 of my study, I determined that a 12-year old orange tabby is equal to roughly  4/5ths the height of the PlayStation 5.

However, the PlayStation’s weight does round out to be equal to that of an average feline. Both Sony’s console and the tabby weigh in at 10lbs (PS5 base excluded).

A 30-year old’s head

The size of PlayStation 5 really hits home once you hold it for the first time. The console is reasonably large even in the hands of a grown adult. Hands are one thing, sure, but we all know all the modern consumer cares about is heads. I compared the size of the console to the head of a 30-year old. I stood in as the test subject in this instance.

I discovered that it would take roughly two heads to make up the height of the PlayStation 5. Sony could’ve used this information for their advertising campaign in so many ways, if only they had done the research.

Three cans of Bubly

During my study, I took a break to refresh myself. This then led me to propose a comparison of an equally refreshing can of Bubly against the PlayStation 5. When stacked, three standard 12 FL OZ cans of strawberry Bubly come quite close to the size of Sony’s console. However, the PlayStation 5 is about two inches taller.

It’s still too early in my research to determine whether a can of Bubly complements an evening playing games on the PlayStation 5. But preliminary reports indicate that Bubly is in the running.

Oster 4-slice long-slot toaster

This Oster toaster model is fairly long as far as toasters go. To toast four slices of bread to perfection at once, a toaster needs to be substantially large. However, it still isn’t larger than the PlayStation 5.

When placed horizontally on its stand, the PlayStation 5 squeaks one inch ahead of Oster’s toaster.

We have come to the end of my report, but I’d love to hear from the community out in the field. Now that the PlayStation 5 is available in many regions, I want to know if you’ve come across any discoveries about it yourselves, be it about its size or totally unremarkable shape. Let me know in the comments below.

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