Top 10 most useful Valheim community mods so far

Valheim is the latest indie success, booming to over 5 million downloads in a matter of months. The game is still in early access, but developer Iron Gate has opted to allow the community to develop mods for their title. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 mods available right now for Valheim. As always with mods, download them at your own risk and understand that some mods may conflict with each-other or the base game.

Craft Build Smelt Cook Fuel Pull From Containers

If you’re anything like my friends and me, you have a storage container for everything. Sure, everything is in its proper place, but running back and forth to craft becomes tedious after an hour or so. This mod allows workbenches, forges, and cooking stations to pull crafting materials directly from nearby storage containers.

Valheim Plus

Valheim Plus is one of the best quality of life mods out there currently. This mod is designed for those who don’t want to feel like they are cheating, but still want a more streamlined experience. 

Valheim Plus

The mod adds modifiers for everything from health to stamina and enemy damage. One of the best features of this mod is that you can remove the Invalid Placement restriction.

Equipment and Quick Slots

Aside from the Hotbar in the standard inventory of Valheim, this mod adds a new level of detail, providing an armor rating, special slots for armor, and utility in addition to three hotkeys for potions or food.

Equipment and Quick Slots

Torches Eternal

Progressing in Valheim means that you are guaranteed to have bases around the entire map. Torches are the most efficient way to light up bases and the surrounding areas, but maintaining a reserve of resin is tedious. Torches Eternal gets rid of the pesky need for the resin to keep torches fueled, and will even keep them lit during storms.

Unrestricted Portals

Portals are hands down Valheim’s most convenient feature, but they do come with restrictions. Transporting ores and metals is now a breeze with Unrestricted Portals allowing players to take some of the heaviest materials from base to base.


This is one of the more simple mods, replacing the generic time indicators in Valheim with an actual clock. This is useful for the adventurer who often goes on long expeditions and ends up surrounded by Greydwarves in the Black Forest at night.


First-person View

Valheim got compared a lot to Minecraft early on in its life cycle. Despite the graphics taking a backseat to mechanics, playing in first-person provides a completely different Valheim experience. Spoiler alert, Trolls are 50 times scarier when they tower above you and slam a tree trunk into your frail body.

first person view

Discard Inventory Items

This mod should have been included in Valheim from the start. Like many Vikings, I too have a trash pit filled with odds and ends. No one likes landfills, so do the environment a favor and get yourself a discard bin.

Bigger Item Stack

Tired of tiny stacks taking up way too much inventory space when all you want to do is collect resources? This mod has you covered, setting stack limits at 1000, and reducing the slots that resources take in the inventory.

Map Sync

A lot of Valheim’s charm comes in playing with friends and living out the Viking dream of exploring and raiding. There is a toggle option to make yourself visible to friends, but currently, there is no way to share maps in-game.

The Map Sync mod allows maps to sync across all players in the server, sharing discovered areas, points of interest, and Forsaken locations.

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  1. These are awesome, Malik! That first one is so useful, I’ll need to get it ASAP. That and the discard bin ahahah.

    Do they work simultaneously or do they crash, like most mods do on Fallout 4?

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