Top 7 mobile horror games to play on Android and iOS in 2021

[Editor’s note: We’ll keep this post updated with new mobile horror games throughout 2021.]

We all love horror movies or games. Well, maybe not all of us, but I do: huge horror junkie over here. Today’s article is dedicated to all those horror-lovers out there who just want to get some jumpscares on their way to work or back from school. Here’s my top list of mobile horror games in 2021, ranked from least to most scary.

7. Unlucky Postman: Horror Quest in House of Grandpa

First up on the list is the Unlucky Postman: Horror Quest in House of Grandpa. Had the word “horror” not been right there on the title, you might think this game was just about a postman who lost grandpa’s mail, but you’d be wrong.

In fact, the story revolves around a postman who is kidnapped by a man by the name of Dr. Crow. No one knows why he kidnapped the poor postman who was just doing his job, but now the postman has to find a way out of the creepy house, preferably with all limbs still attached to his body.

It’s not easy being a postal worker trying to escape an elderly kidnapper’s hope. We’re talking loads of riddles to solve, very absent plot, and learning how to detect and disarm traps.

6. Slendrina: The Cellar

There are dozens of Slendrina games horror on mobile, but my favorite one so far is Slendrina: The Cellar.

The game is (obviously) inspired by the Slenderman creepypasta, and if the player spots the evil spirit Slendrina they are doomed. This poor, evil woman – who is in dire need of a bath and ideally a spa treatment – does not like anyone going into her domain, and yet thousands of people do so anyway every day. You can understand her frustration.

It’s your task to escape from this scary spirit, by finding missing books and keys, solving puzzles, and trying not to scare yourself too much in the meantime. The game is pretty hard, and has some nice goosebumps-inducing moments.

Slendrina: The Cellar Trailer (Android and iOS)

5. Evil Nun: Horror in The School

Ah, evil nuns… of course. We are all familiar with the classic horror scenario of walking into school only to be ambushed by  a nasty evil nun with a hammer, way too many teeth, and a supernatural hearing ability.

Evil Nun: Horror in The School will have you roam the school, trying to save some kids stuck inside. Sounds easy, right? Well no, there are a lot of twists and turns that will make your life a bit harder. And try not to make noise, or you’ll find yourself being hunted down and presumably hammered and chewed up by the nun.  If you hear her getting closer, HIDE!

Evil Nun - Official Commercial

4. Dead by Daylight Mobile

All horror games fans know about Dead by Daylight, but did you know about the mobile version of the game? If you are not familiar, Dead by Daylight is a multiplayer game in which five players face off in creepy dark locations. One will be the hunter and the other four the hunted. It’s kind of like Tag, except people get brutally murdered.

The game features some of my all-time favorite horror movie killers and monsters, like Michael Myers, the Demogorgon, and Ghost Face. The gameplay is tight and very competitive, with a meta that is as deep and engaging as Dead by Daylight‘s lore. This is a great game to invest some serious time into if you are a game of horror or asymmetrical PvP.

Dead By Daylight Mobile || Official DBD Mobile Trailer

3. Endless Nightmare: 3D Creepy & Scary Horror Game

We’re getting into some real heart-skipping, lung-screaming horror games territory with Endless Nightmare. In this game, you take on the role of James, a police officer who went home one day and found his wife and daughter dead. James is determined to find the killer, but then something bad (worse?) happens: a mad woman starts chasing him with a knife.

Yes, there’s no plot or even a coherent setting to speak of in Endless Nightmare, but that’s not what you’re here for. The gameplay is tense, and your knife-swinging enemy will hunt your down relentlessly. If you cross paths with her, you will be OK so long as you don’t look her in the eyes or make any noise.

Endless Nightmare released!A scary horror game on GooglePlay,focus on jumpscare in the creepy house!

2. Layers of Fear: Solitude

Layers of Fear: Solitude is one of the scariest mobile horror games I have played so far. The developers fully mastered the art of sound as a tool to scare the hell out of you. And it starts with subtle actions, just like a drawer opening or a doorknob moving. But that is just to make you feel uneasy, before they jumpscare you to death…

The whole game escalates quickly as you progress through the maze-like corridors and creepy rooms. I loved the game, and feel like I would have liked it even more if I had tried the VR version on PC, but alas, I don’t have any VR equipment.

Layers of Fear: Solitude Trailer

1. Sinister Edge

If the previous games weren’t enough to give you a good scare, then Sinister Edge just might. This game is beyond horrifying and I love it!

In this game, your family has gone missing – oh no! – and you have to find them. You’ll have to solve a lot of puzzles and mysteries, explore a bunch of locations, and escape the entities lurking in the shadows.

The game has pretty good graphics for a mobile title, it is full of incredibly hard and non-intuitive decisions, and it delivers some pretty awesome jumpscares.

Sinister Edge - Official Trailer

And so our spooky journey through my top mobile horror games of 2021 has come to an end! See ya in the next one.

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