Valorant’s full launch kept all the problems of the beta

Riot’s new shooter Valorant got a full launch on June 2, and it is far from perfect. The game brings on new agent Reyna and a new map, while all the issues we dealt with during the beta still lurk around.

Valorant full launch

The first-person shooter has been in closed beta for the past four months, and a lot of players have been eagerly awaiting the launch. Their first greeting into the full game has come into the form of various server issues. Numerous players are reporting being unable to get in Valorant, and currently the only answer seems to be uninstalling Valorant and reinstalling it. Unfortunately, you will be forced to reboot your computer in order for Riot’s anti-cheat system Vanguard to activate again.

The players that have made it into Valorant were greeted with a new agent named Reyna, the new map Ascent, and an arcade-style game mode. In addition, Riot has rolled out a number of balance changes for the game to improve quality-of-life. Sage got a few nerfs and Viper got some much-needed buffs to make her a viable agent.

DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer - VALORANT

Similar to every other big game-as-service title,Valorant will have seasons, which they call episodes. This patch marks the beginning of Episode 1: Ignition. Ranked is not yet available as Riot will be taking more time to refine the system. The addition of a new hero and a new map each episode would introduce consistent variety to the title. This all depends on how long the episodes will last, with this first one expected to last until the successful implementation of ranked mode.

New, but hardly improved

My first match in Valorant was more of the same high-speed action and 12-year-old team killing that plagued the beta. The nature of competitive first-person shooters tends to be toxic, and Valorant is no exception to this rule. As the game begins its first steps into establishing itself as an esport, Riot will need to inhibit the toxicity that is festering in the community.

The Valorant launch brought more of the same to fans of the game, offering minor changes but excluding some features that really should be part of a “full launch”. The removal of ranked play for patch 1.0 proves that the game’s competitive structure isn’t where it needs to be yet.

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