What did the Madden Super Bowl simulations get right?

Madden Super Bowl simulations are one of those fun things we look forward to each year. Madden has been correct 8 out of 10 times in predicting outcomes with their simulations, so there is a level of accuracy to be taken into consideration.

We’re going to compare the simulations done with EA Sports and CBS Sports with the actual game stats to see what they got right and what was completely off.

Final score

The EA Sports simulation had Kansas City winning 35 to 31 over San Francisco. The simulation run by CBS Sports had the final score with San Francisco winning 20 to 7 over Kansas City. So how did those outcomes stack up to the actual score?

The final score of the Super Bowl had Kansas City winning 31 to 20 over San Francisco. Both simulations anticipated a final push from Kansas City towards the end of the game, but only EA Sports had them coming out on top.

Offensive yards

Kansas City quarterback, Patrick Mahomes had 297 passing yards, two touchdowns, zero interceptions, 62.7 completion percentage in the EA Sports simulation. In the CBS Sports simulation, Mahomes had 120 passing yards, one touchdown, three interceptions, and a 56 completion percentage. In the actual game, Mahomes had 286 passing yards, two touchdowns, two interceptions, and a 78.1 completion percentage.

Patrick Mahomes Madden

There wasn’t enough information on the San Francisco quarterback to provide for much of an analysis. But the CBS Sports simulation had San Francisco quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, had 149 passing yards. In the game, he had 219 passing yards.

Other predictions

EA Sports had Mahomes as the Super Bowl MVP. CBS Sports had Fred Warner of the San Francisco 49ers winning the MVP award. At the end of the game, it was Mahomes who was awarded the MVP award. The CBS Sports simulation had Fred Warner making an interception. In the actual game, Warner came up with an interception.

Super Bowl MVP

Who was more correct?

In terms of the point spread, CBS Sports had the spread at 13 points. The actual game was an 11 point spread so CBS Sports was closest to that. Though, EA Sports had the correct team winning the game.

EA Sports was the closest in terms of Mahomes’ total stats. CBS Sports was close on their prediction for his amount of interceptions. EA Sports had the MVP going to the correct winner, but CBS Sports also made the prediction that Fred Warner would have an interception.

With all of that said, I would have to say it’s fair to call this one a draw. With EA Sports and CBS Sports not publishing the entire simulation stats and only important ones to their outcomes, it’s hard to say one is more right than the other.

If we want to base the decision on who got the winner of the game correct and the MVP, EA Sports would win the contest. The most important thing is, Mahomes beat the “Madden curse“.

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