10 great mobile MMORPGs to play on Android and iOS

MMORPGs are one of the most popular genres played on mobile devices, and as an MMORPG junkie I can totally attest to why that is. Playing an MMO is about losing yourself for a while into another world, and being able to do it on the go, wherever you area, makes it that much better. With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 10 excellent mobile MMOs to play on Android or iOS.

Warhammer: Odyssey

First up on the list is Warhammer: Odyssey. The game was announced mid-2019 as a full 3D mobile MMORPG set in some of the most iconic locations of the Warhammer Universe. But that’s not even the exciting part. What really grabbed my attention is that the classic MMOPRG systems and mechanics will be present in Warhammer Odyssey. We’re talking guilds, crafting, PvE, PvP and so much more.

The game is yet to get a release date, but eager players can sing up for a chance to enter into beta testing.

Warhammer: Odyssey - Official Teaser Trailer

Dragon Raja

If you prefer more futuristic games, there is Dragon Raja. This is one of those cyberpunk-style mobile MMOs full of unique features like car races, basketball games, and other fun things. And don’t worry, the usual MMO features will also be there, so you’ll get to enjoy dungeons, story quests, cut-scenes and so on.

My favorite part are definitely the futuristic cars and gliders, which Back to the Future had led me to believe we would be enjoying by now IRL.

Dragon Raja Official Trailer

Black Desert Mobile

If you are a Black Desert fan, then you might want to give the mobile version a try. The game is quite similar to the PC version, so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Black Desert Mobile is relatively light, so your phone or iPad won’t overheat or crash, but you’ll still get to enjoy the character customization at its best. Not only that, but you’ll also fight tough bosses, create your own camp, and enjoy the overall landscapes of the game.

Black Desert MOBILE Official Gameplay Trailer

World of Kings

World of Kings is, in my opinion, a masterpiece when it comes to mobile games. I mean, the game has pretty amazing graphics, and you get to choose between 6 different races and around 30 different classes, how awesome is that?!

MapleStory M

If you’re looking for 2D MMORPGs on mobile, then MapleStory M is a great choice for you. It is based on the original MapleStory and you’ll get to experience everything you love about it once again.

MapleStory M has 5 different classes to play as, and plenty of unique locations and things to discover. You also get to bring your own pets and mounts to accompany you in the world!

MapleStory M OFFICIAL Trailer

Ragnarok M

Ragnarok M is an open-world MMO based on the forever-famous Ragnarok Online. The game is deep and original enough to offer something for new players, regardless of how familiar or unfamiliar they are with the Ragnarok franchise.


Growstone is a mobile MMORPG in which players are set on an adventure to find a legendary stone. It has hard-to-beat bosses and plenty of action and combat. It also has a pretty large player base, so you’ll always have people to play with you. The avatars are pretty cool and there are frequent special events.


Eve: Echoes

Looking for a unique MMO? Give Eve: Echoes a chance. It’s a relatively new MMO set in the universe of the long-running Eve Online franchise. If you aren’t familiar with Eve Online, it’s a a sci-fi space epic that’s spanned its own mythology of sorts, by enabling rather ruthless real-life interactions between its players.

And if I haven’t convinced you yet, then check out the game trailer.

EVE Echoes - Open Beta gameplay trailer

Dragon Nest 2

Dragon Nest 2 is by far one of my favorite mobile MMORPGs at the moment. I loved the Dragon Nest M, so naturally, the sequel had to be a part of this list.

This game has incredible characters, which now can be played as either gender for each class. Plus, now there is a dual weapon system that allows players to switch weapons and access a second skillset in mid-fight, something I am just in love with.

Last but not least, this new sequel comes with a lot more dungeons and combat action, so kudos to the developers.

Runescape 3

Last but not least on this list of mobile MMO games is the classic Runescape 3. If you are reading this list, then I am pretty sure you most likely are acquainted with this game and have played it at some point. It’s an excellent MMORPG with some of the simplest yet most satisfying gameplay in the genre.

RuneScape 3 Trailer 2019

Now, Runescape members have been playing the beta version for a while on Android, but it is rumored that it’ll have a universal release, so fingers crossed this happens, because in my opinion it’s a pretty amazing game and everyone should get the opportunity to try it out.

There are more mobile MMORPGs that didn’t make the list but are definitely worth a look. Stay tuned as we cover the MMO scene in 2021!

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