8 awesome Albion Online streamers to keep an eye on

Watching streams is pretty great. I mean, we get to enjoy major league events for our favorite games, we get to watch our favorite players kick some royal ass, and I don’t know about you guys, but I definitely feel like I learn quite a lot from watching other people play my games, especially when it comes to Albion Online.

Returning to Albion Online after quite a while away felt overwhelming at first, and I feel that watching streamers has definitely helped me through it. On that note, I’m going to share with you my absolute 8 top Albion streamers, so stay tuned!


Obviously Lewpac is first on my list. He is an awesome streamer who plays a lot of Albion Online. I can tell he really likes the game and his videos are always so entertaining and educational.

Aside from his stream, he also posts videos on his YouTube channel, and I have already learned so much from them. Watching him play Albion Online really gives people new insights on the game, and provides a lot of new strategies that players can try out for fun, or to improve. Plus, he is the host and caster on Albion’s official Twitch account. How cool is that?

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Second on the list is Benny, also known as JackyAce. He’s a streamer from Germany who studies International Business during the day and streams at night. He is completely addicted to Albion – his words, not mine – but you can also find him playing other games quite often as well.

I find his streams very educational and fun. He always tries to figure out new ways to play the game, whether it’s an unusual gear mixup, crafting, or something else entirely. Another awesome thing about JackyAce is that he always finds time to engage with his Twitch viewers. He tries to answer as many questions as possible, which is always a good thing.

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The next Albion Online streamer on the list is JonahVeil. He’s a really well-rounded streamer who plays absolutely anything and everything. Besides Albion, he plays games like Ultima Online, DAOC, Darkfall. His stream is fairly educational as well. Granted, he doesn’t teach players directly, but if you just watch his playing style, you can learn a lot.

I should mention that he recently posted a video explaining that he will be taking a break from Albion Online. Hopefully he will return soon enough!

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This next one needs no introduction for most of you. TheLazyPeon is another one on my favorite streamers. Why? Well, he plays pretty much every game that I’m into, so it’s kind of impossible not to like him. He plays Albion Online, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls, The Division 2 and one of my current favorites: Archeage Unchained!

Not only that, but he also does a lot of game reviews and guides on his YouTube channel.

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Ah, 1_ogic. He is a streamer who is really easy to listen to. And you can really tell he knows his way around Albion Online. I mean sure, he sometimes gets lost when talking and will deviate to subjects like cooking and stuff, but nevertheless he’s quite good at the game, and his stream is always entertaining.

One of my favorite things about 1_ogic is the fact that he streams on a fixed schedule, so you always know you can count on his stream when you feel like watching.


We’re almost to the end of this list and I can’t help but mention Nazori. Nazori is a software engineer who develops games and streams quite often. He mainly focuses his stream on Albion Online andEscape from Tarkov. His Albion streams are crazy good. Plus he does a lot of giveaways and let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff!

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PersianSohrab, whose nickname comes from the legendary warrior from ancient history, is one of my absolute favorite streamers! He almost always kicks ass, and whenever he doesn’t kick ass, he recovers from defeat in no time and with style.

His streams vary quite a lot length-wise, ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours. Sure, he doesn’t usually talk much, but when you’re that good, you don’t really need a lot of talking.

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Last but not least is AlbionPewPew. He is one of the most watched Albion Online streamers online, and for a good reason too. AlbionPewPew streams Albion super often, and he is very entertaining to watch. Also he is very easily amused: you will know what I mean if you watch his stream. He just brings joy to the game, and even when he loses – which is not often – he seems to just laugh it off.

The best part is that his Twitch channel is 100% focused on Albion Online, so you can always count on it for some good, high level gameplay.

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