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Returning to Albion Online, one of the things I noticed is how most of Albion’s open world content usually requires big groups of people working together. Albion has a big focus on Zerg battles – or ZvZs – and so it is quite important to know how to gear up with the right ZvZ builds.

If you plan on getting into some ZvZ action, then you should aim for at least 1.200 Item Power. This is the equivalent of a Tier 6.1, with medium specialization. It is not mandatory to achieve that amount of Item Power, but it is highly recommended. However, some higher up guilds do tend to be more strict on this matter, so keep that in mind when joining a guild.

That being said, we are going to explore each class’ Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online. Let’s get right to it!

Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online


Anyone who has ever played an MMO is familiar with the term Tank. Tanks are typically large and strong and they play a vital role in games, creating space and drawing the pain away from squishier teammates. In Albion Online, that part remains true. This role requires a lot of endurance and ability to sustain a lot of damage, so naturally they need an armor that will allow them to do so.

With that said, anyone aiming to play that role, has to have a proper armor. Most tanks in Albion Online wear the Guardian Amor. But that is not enough, so they complete their gear with a Knight Helmet, Graveguard Boots and a Martlock Cape. As for weapons, there are 3 very famous weapons you will often find in ZvZs. Those are: Camlam Mace, Grovekeeper and Soulscythe.

Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online


While the enemy is focused on the Tank, DPS player focus on doing the damage. It’s a very common role in Albion Online and when played correctly, can be quite rewarding. In order to be a good DPS, most players use either the Brimstone Staff, the Damnation Staff, Siege Bow or even the Galatine Pair.

In terms of gear, the most basic and most used combo is Knight Helmet, Cleric Robe, Scholar Sandals and Fort Sterling Cape.

Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online


The name says it all, so there is no mistaking here. The Healer is responsible for keeping the team’s health up and therefore, is an essential part of the team.

Healers in this game need to know how to get around, but that’s not enough. They need all the assistance their gear can provide. That means using either the Fallen Staff or the Rampant Staff. Hell, some of the more adventurous healers even go with the Wild Staff.

As for armor, the build is similar to the DPS’, meaning Cleric Robe, Scholar Sandals and Fort Sterling Cape. However, unlike the DPS build, Healers can choose between the Knight Helmet or Mercenary Helmet. Search for both options and see which suits you best.

Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online


This position is not a very common one and is usually only used by the bigger guilds. Nevertheless, those who plan on playing that role need to gear up for the occasion. That means Demon Armor, Graveguard Boots and either the Knight Helmet or Assassin Hood. As for capes, they can choose between Martlock Cape or Fort Sterling Cape.

And let’s not forget about the weapon! Support players go one of two ways: either the Malevolent Locus, or the Icicle Staff.

These are the basic ZvZ builds, but there are many other builds, some more on the safe side, and others completely reckless. If you don’t mind spending a little more coin, then you can choose to get a stronger and more precise build for your class. Or, you can be bold and choose a build that isn’t necessarily ideal for ZvZ, but that can be useful for flanking an enemy or attacking vital enemy members, such as the healers.

Basic ZvZ builds for Albion Online

ZvZ Builds for Albion 101: Consumables and Mounts

As for aiding potions and consumables, there are a lot of options. The most common ones are Omelettes, Resistance Potions and Gigantify Potions. But these are just the basic consumables, and players change them up according to preference and experience. It’s not an exact science, so it’s really about finding what works best for you.

Once you have all your potions, you can then turn your attention to the mounts. There are no specific ZvZ mounts, so the mount you choose will vary, according to your guild and alliance’s objective. If your team is planning on moving swiftly across the territories, then one of the best choices would be Swiftclaw. If speed is not the main objective, then you can spare a few bucks and get a T5 armored horse. It’s much cheaper, and still very reliable.

That is it! You are now ready to start winning ZvZ battles in Albion with a solid build! And let me know in the comment section below if you would like to read more on each class in Albion Online!

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