Best Anima powers for Mythic+ dungeons in WoW Shadowlands

Season 2 of Shadowlands introduced a new mechanic in Mythic+ dungeons: Anima powers. Just like in Thorghast or against Tarragrue in Mythic, players can now pick Anima powers to help them defeat the hardest enemies.

While each class has its own favorite Anima powers, some are still powerful picks for everyone. Here is a list of the best Anima powers for all roles in Mythic+ dungeons.

Best Mythic+ Anima powers for DPS

Champion’s Brand is the best Anima power to pick in Mythic+ dungeons to increase your DPS. While above 70% health, Champion’s Brand increases your highest stat between mastery and critical strike by 210. If your best secondary stat is either mastery or critical strike, make sure to select this Anima power for maximum impact.

Raging Battle-Axe helps you kill low-health enemies faster. Damaging a target below 30% health has a high chance to hurl a Raging Battle-Axe at the target, dealing physical damage proportional to your attack or spell power and your versatility.

Signet of Bolstering boosts your damage by 3% for 25 seconds when an enemy dies within 40 yards, stacking up to 5 times. Successive stacks do not increase duration, so make sure to time your pulls properly.

Vial of Desperation grants you 50% increased movement speed and 50% less damage taken for 3 seconds when you take more than 25% of your maximum health in damage from a single attack. If you feel like you struggle to survive, this can be a good Anima power to pick.

Handbook of Uncivil Etiquette increases your damage by 10% against targets you’ve successfully interrupted. The buff lasts 8 seconds, and classes with short cooldowns or several interrupt abilities can make the most of this Anima power and ensure high uptime.

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Dagger of Necrotic Wounding deals physical damage over 8 seconds depending on your attack or spell power and your versatility. This Anima power also reduces healing and absorption received by 2%, stacking up to 10 times. It is extremely powerful against the Sanguine affix, which drops pools that heal enemies.

Volcanic Plumage has a chance to create a gout of flame under your target that erupts after 2.5 seconds, dealing fire damage scaling off your attack power or spell power and versatility. This Anima power also knocks enemies upward, interrupting them.

Best Mythic+ Anima powers for healers

Bottle of Sanguine Ichor has a chance to heal up to 5 allies whenever you heal your primary target. It also deals shadow damage to up to 5 enemies within 12 yards. The healing and damage done by this Anima power depend on your attack or spell power and versatility.

Just like in Tarragrue Mythic, Satchel of the Hunt is a good pick for healers. It provides a group-wide speed bonus, increasing the movement speed of all allies within 12 yards by 30%. This Anima power is even better in Mythic+ than in raid, as going fast is the entire goal of these dungeons.

Portable Feeding Trough makes you eat food faster. A lot faster. If you are a class that habitually burns a lot of mana (hello, Mistweaver Monks) and have no other option to refill your bar than to eat, then this Anima power can be useful. Otherwise, skip it.

Gavel of Judgement stuns your target for 2 seconds when you use auto-attacks. This effect can only occur once every 30 seconds, but it is still powerful as interrupts are key to completing Mythic+ dungeons on time.

Overflowing Chalice is the perfect Anima power if you lack mana. Healing a target has a chance to drop Loose Mana, which you can collect to restore 6% of your maximum mana. This allows you to skip the mana break, and therefore complete your dungeon faster.

Stabilizing Diamond Alembic restores 1.5% of your current health every 1 second when you stand still. If you move, this energy is expended to heal the most injured player within 40 yards. This is a great pick for healers, as you rarely need to run around during fights. This anima power is a great passive healing source for your entire group.

Pedestal of Utter Hubris increases your Haste by 12% while in combat. However, you burn for 5% of your maximum health every 3 seconds. This is a tricky power to pick as you consistently need to check your health, so be careful.

Champion’s Brand is also a strong pick for healers. It increases your mastery or critical strike by 210 when above 70% health, which can easily be monitored as a healer. Be careful, however, as this Anima power will not help you survive longer or directly increase your healing power.

The Stone Ward shields you for 20% of your maximum health and refreshes every 45 seconds. This Anima is best for tanks, but can also be a good pick for other players looking for additional survival.

Self-Embalming Kit increases all self-healing by 50%. This Anima power is self-explanatory and can save some extra spells to get you back to full health.

Tiny Dancing Shoes, the anima power allowing you to dodge the first two attacks coming at you, is also a good pick for healers. Anything to keep you alive is valuable, and while this Anima power is not the most powerful it still brings value protecting you from incoming damage.

Best Mythic+ Anima powers for tanks

The Stygian King’s Barbs deals 2% of your current health to enemies striking you in melee combat. As tanks have the largest health pool of all classes in the game, this Anima power can be extremely powerful. It remains best for self-healing classes that can ensure they keep a higher percentage of their health, like Paladins and Death Knights.

The Stone Ward is a safe Anima power to pick as a tank. It gives you a shield absorbing up to 20% of your maximum health every 45 seconds, granting you an additional survival tool in Mythic+ dungeons.

Broken Mirror reduces the magic damage you take by 15%. While it is not a bad Anima power per se, others might be more efficient. Not all enemies deal magic damage, so keep in mind that Broken Mirror will not be able to help in all situations.

Dripping Fang grants you 5% leech, increasing up to 20% based on your missing health. As you tend to lack some health as a tank, this Anima power is useful to give you a passive health restoration.

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Champion’s Brand is a useful Anima power for tanks too, but not nearly as strong as it is for DPS players. It increases your mastery or critical strike by 210 when above 70% health, but as a tank, your health may fall under that threshold pretty often. Pick this Anima power if you need extra defense.

Crumbling Bulwark increases your versatility by 5%. This statistic increases your damage and healing, as well as reduces the damage you take. On top of that versatility boost, Crumbling Bulwark also reduces damage taken by 40% for 4 seconds upon entering combat.

The Fifth Skull releases a wave of shadow scaled off of your attack or spell power and versatility, hitting up to 5 enemies standing within 10 yards of you. As you are supposed to have all enemies at range as a tank, this Anima power can give you a stable damage output.

Handbook of Uncivil Etiquette deals 10% increased damage to targets you successfully interrupt for 8 seconds. Tanks have a large variety of spells that interrupt their targets, making this Anima power pretty efficient in Mythic+ dungeons.

Pendant of the Martyr reduces by 10% the damage done by AOE attacks to all allies within 10 yards. This Anima power is very situational but could save your group on certain bosses like in Sanguine Depths.

Siegebreaker’s Stand increases your damage dealt by 4% every 1 second as long as you don’t move. Once this Anima power reaches 3 stacks, you gain an additional 10% armor. If you move, the bonus is lost.

Now you know everything to pick the best Anima powers in Mythic+ dungeons in WoW! Stay tuned to Squad for more World of Warcraft guides.

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