Buying Dungeon Maps in Albion Online – is it worth it?

Albion Online is constantly getting updated with new features. Today I want to talk about one such feature, which was introduced a year ago in the Oberon update, but I do think deserves more attention: Dungeon Maps. They can be looted from dead mobs, dropped from dungeon chests, or even bought.

And if you’re here, then you are probably just trying to find out if they are worth buying? Let’s find out!

What are Dungeon Maps?

Dungeon Maps are special maps that allow a player or a party to open up a hidden entrance to random dungeons. These dungeons usually are considerably harder to fight through, but usually provide greater than normal rewards as well.

There are several types of Dungeon Maps. There are Inner City Map and Territory Maps, which also can be solo Maps, Group maps, Advanced or even Avalonian.

They can shift between Adept and Elder tiers (T4 to T8), with sub-levels within each. A T4 map can be level 4.0 (16% more difficult), 4.1 (36% more difficult), 4.2 (58% more difficult) or 4.3 (84% more difficult). This means the easiest one is T4.0 and the strongest is T8.3. Each tier increase indicates tougher enemies, but also better rewards.

Buying maps on Albion Online - worth it?

How do these maps work?

Whenever one of these Maps is used, a new dungeon location will be activated on the world map. These dungeons can appear within three zones of the location the player originally activated the Map. With enough study and quite a bit of luck, the dungeon can be made to appear in the exact zone the player wants it to.

The person who used the Map will see indicators to the shortest path, but the entrance of the dungeon only appears when the player reaches it. Simply put, the dungeon will not be shown to other player up until that point. However, keep this in mind: just because you spawned the dungeon, doesn’t mean you are the only one who can enter. So keep a watchful eye for possible enemies!

Pros and cons of buying Dungeon Maps

Solo dungeons usually don’t provide a lot or Fame, and the same goes for the overall rewards. However, buying solo Dungeon Maps increases the chances to obtaining better rewards. This is great news for lone wolves, and these type players would in theory make the most out of Dungeon Maps.

However, in my own experience, it doesn’t exactly work out like that. The loot is without a doubt better than that in normal solo dungeons, but more often than not it doesn’t make up for the price you paid for it. What I mean is, these solo dungeons are worth doing if you acquired them from dead mobs or dungeon chests, but they are not worth buying.

If you’re more of a team player on the other hand, then know that the advantage of buying Dungeon Maps as a group is much greater. If a team decides to split the cost of the Dungeon Map, then the rewards within the dungeon will certainly justify the cost.

Dungeon Maps are still very expensive, regardless of whether you can split the price. Even the rewards of a high level dungeon are not guaranteed to give you a full return on the money invested. However, If money and rewards are not your goal, and you are just trying to acquire Fame, then by all means do it! These dungeons do give out a fair amount of Fame, so there is really nothing holding you back.

Buying maps on Albion Online - worth it?

The final con I would like to mention, is the unpredictability of dungeon’s spawn location. Like I mentioned before, players can sometimes pinpoint the zone the dungeon will show up in, but that can still be in less than ideal locations, such as roads, other busy dungeons, enemy territories or even zone portals. This means that sometimes you will have to cross swords with someone, and maybe even get ganked, on your way to your dungeon.

The verdict

To answer the question “Are Dungeon Maps worth it?”, I believe the answer is yes, under the right circumstances. I am personally a big fan of Dungeon Maps, and I do buy them myself. I have always been more of a PvE player and these dungeons give me the opportunity to kick some mob ass. Plus the high-risk-high-reward system is pretty great, because you know exactly what you’re diving into.

That said, whenever you think of buying the more difficult maps, do not forget to gear up properly! Going into a T8.4 dungeon with low tier gear and consumables is just a fast way to lose everything. So be smart and don’t gamble.

I hope this article has helped you make up your mind! If you disagree or have suggestions, post them in the comment section below! And make sure to check back regularly for more Albion Online content!

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