Does the Wastelanders expansion make Fallout 76 worth playing?

As a continuation of the incredible Fallout franchise, which has a compelling story and remarkable gameplay, people were really hyped about Fallout 76 and the online version of the game. And then the game was published and it completely flopped.

Fallout 76 had a lot of technical and in-game issues and many players reported the quests were incredibly dull and boring. The launch was accompanied by a string of controversies related to shoddy merch and even shoddier response to player outcry on behalf of Bethesda. 76 got low ratings from Metacritic and other reviewers, and was on track to become a complete ghost town.

Bethesda seemed intent to not let that happen, and gradually deployed a series of improvements to the game. The latest is Wastelanders, a free Fallout 76 expansion.

Wastelander Expansion: does it save the game? | Fallout 76


A few weeks ago, the new Wastelanders expansion for Fallout 76 came out and its mission is to save the game from oblivion. But is it even possible, considering some of us have been burned one too many times? Players used to report how lifeless and barren the Wasteland overall felt, and Wastelanders is supposed to fix just that.


  • The good news about this new Fallout 76 expansion is that, if once the Wasteland was in fact a wasteland and devoid of life, now it’s full of life. There are new locations to explore, new weapons and armor to forge and equip, and best of all – new enemies at every corner.
  • There are more NPC spread out through the land. And with the new expansion storyline, you get a new and hilarious NPC accompanying you on your journey.
  • The dialogue system was improved and is now more similar to that of Fallout 3. That means you’re in for some interesting conversations.
  • Some NPCs you find along the Wastelanders storyline can be turned into companions. And each comes with their own questline.

Wastelander Expansion: does it save the game? | Fallout 76


    • Despite having a lot more stuff to see and do out in the Wasteland, the game is still full of glitches, freezes, and even game-breaking setbacks. I don’t know about you, but this is the type of thing that can definitely ruin my mood. We’re talking companions and other NPCs stuck in walls. We’re talking enemies spawning out of nowhere right after you’ve killed them. And the most annoying of all: quest bosses suddenly out of reach, therefore making it impossible to end the quest.
    • In order to get started on the Wastelanders’ storyline, you’ll roughly need to be level 20. For those who started the game and gave up on it before that, it means getting through the old boring part.
    • Survival skills aren’t for everyone. Plus, we’re simply not very used to this feature in the other Fallout franchise games. It’s not exactly a downside, but it’s easy to forget that you actually need to eat and drink to survive.
    • The Wastelanders Deluxe Edition is an expensive investment.

Is it worth playing again?

I think ultimately Wastelanders makes Fallout 76 worth playing again to try out all the new stuff. Sure, the game is still full of bugs and other issues, but this is a free expansion, so you might as well make use of the money you spent on 76 originally, instead of letting it collect dust in your Steam library.

And Bethesda have promised that more is to come. Let’s hope we’ll be getting more improvements in the near future.

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